Hi there,

It is with mixed emotions,

I have decided to close The Relationship Forums.

It will be closing on April 1 2019, Australian Eastern Standard Time. This decision is based on a few factors... cost, member levels and activity, lack of ability to get advertisng on the site to help fund, sites like Reddit... There's just no room for a forum any more.

The site will be backed up and archived, and a single copy will be kept with me, in a password protected zip file to prevent data leak. I will not be selling the site, the site name, or the forums to anyone. ever. I respect your privacy.

I'd like to offer a massive, heartfelt thank you, to everyone who has graced the site over the years, members gone and members present. You guys made this site a home for me for nearly 15 years, as well as the others from its inception, approximately 20 years ago.