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    Hello Everyone,
    I am 39 yr. old male and Lately for past at least 6 months I am having trouble keeping an erection in the bedroom. Itís very strange because up till then I use to get aroused very easily within in a matter of seconds. Now I do get erected but loses it within a matter of minutes
    My mental stress is a bit more than usual as I just move to another country year and a half ago and dealing with some immigration but not that much to cause me these problems I do get some sleepless night here and there but so does she.
    Our sex life was never crazy she doesnít enjoy sex as much as I do and as far as I understand I believe it could root of it but I could be wrong. From time to time we go without sex for up to 2 weeks ever longer. She gets her period and minimum 10 days of gap during that gap she is never a concern about my needs such as oral sex or anything. I believe that she thinks that all the people are like that I mean they donít love sex that much, For her, love and caring is more important which I know she does. She absolutely loves me and our kid and she is dedicated to family.
    Physically I am athletic. I work out 4 to 5 days a week an hour a day. I eat clean and whole foods and we are like this for at least 10 yrs. I have no belly or fat actually if I donít tell you my age you would guess I am in my 20ís and I have seen people dropping their jaw when I tell them how old I actually am.
    I never drink or smoke or do any sort of drugs ever in my life. The only supplements I am taking for my workout beside protein shake is fish oil and Humanfort. Here is the link.

    I do take prescription propeicia for my hair but that is for almost 4 years now
    I am 5í 10Ē 154 to 157 lbs. and my BF is around 11 to 12%. We are in our 13th year of marriage.
    I am really starting to worry here. Back a couple of weeks ago I did get better for a few days and we had amazing sex lasted around 40 mins but again she had her periods and I was left alone for a couple of weeks. I believe now its same things happening again and I am getting frustrated.
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    Women (not all women) are affected more than others when it comes to hormones and their cycles as they age. In my opinion, you're just aging and growing older. Relax and focus less on this issue and more on everything else you enjoy about life. If you are so concerned that it's a physiological issue, see a dr about it.


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      I have to point this .. That I am having no problem getting and keeping an erection while watching regular porn.