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Is it normal that my boyfriendís female friend wants him to look at her breasts?

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  • Is it normal that my boyfriendís female friend wants him to look at her breasts?

    Is it normal that my boyfriendís female friend explicitly asks him to look at her breasts? She claimed that she wants him to help her see if her new bra is supporting her breasts well.

    She also regularly shares details of her sex life and bodily changes with him.

    For instance:
    1. She likes being on top during intercourse

    2. Her partner ejaculates in her every time they have sex because she has contraceptive implant in her

    3. She keeps her private area clean and nice-smelling so that it is enjoyable to get down on her

    4. She gives her partner blowjobs regularly
    5. Her partner says her bum has been getting perkier from her gym sessions

    6. She gets UTI very often, possibly from oral sex

    7. Her period has been irregular because of her contraceptive implant

    8. Her Fitbit reflects spikes in her heart rate when sheís having sex

    9. Her breasts have been getting bigger so she needs new bras

    10. She gyms a lot and has stamina in bed

    11. Her partner is always too busy at work and always has no time for her

    12. Her partner only plays video games when he gets home

    13. Her partner doesnít shave and doesnít keep his groin clean for her, making it disgusting for her when she goes down on him

    Iím asking because Iíve just moved to Australia recently from another country and Iím uncertain if such behaviour is possibly normal and acceptable in Australia society.

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    I'm not sure about Australia, but here is the US, this would be called the following TMI (too much information), oversharing, or just plain "hitting on your man"!

    Why is he telling you all this, more importantly he needs to ask her the same question and tell her she needs to stop because he does not want to know all these sexual details about her. If he really wants to stop it, he should tell her that she's turning him "completely off". with this information especially the UTI comment - truly disgusting, and she also may be an incubator for herpes or other STD as well.


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      I agree with ImUrGRL's opinion. Unless your boyfriend is a doctor (and even if he is a doctor) that's a clear case of too much (and I suppose unsolicited) information.

      If he doesn't want her to share all that stuff he should let her know, before it gets worse.


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        How old are all of you? I ask because she sounds like a 13 year old narcissist and he sounds 14 for listening to her crap. Why is he relating her gross stories to you instead of just telling her to STFU?
        "First off, welcome to the Relationship Forums, You'll come to understand that I don't pull any punches when giving my opinion/advice and I hope you're not so sensitive to what I see as the truth of the matter." Me!


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          It's not normal. Intimacy is something a pair should keep between the two. It's like a precious diamond you don't want people to see and protect. What she shares is a dirt for your boyfriends Heart. What she shares may corrupt a Heart with lustful curiosity and empty one of what Love is. Ask your boyfriend to tell her. She may need to hear it from him. This is not normal! This is not okay!


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            Personally I'd be upset if a female friend even shared about her menstruation to my man. All you stated is above and beyond inappropriate and disrespectful to both your boyfriend, you, and her boyfriend. She should keep intimate details between her and her partner. She's hitting on your guy and trying to make herself sound available and sexually appealing. Your boyfriend has to ask her to refrain from telling intimate things and put some distance in their relationship as she's prone to oversharing.


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              I think it's fucked up.
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