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promiscuous single girl becomes cold fish girlfriend

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  • promiscuous single girl becomes cold fish girlfriend

    This is a general question which loosely relates to my own relationship. The reason itís a bit vague is because this same exact thing happened with my last girlfriend so Iím thinking itís a fairly common thing rather than being specific to my current partner. Hereís the general scenario;

    Woman is single. She is extremely sexual. Sleeps with many different men, enjoys a variety of kinky sexual encounters. Constant sex, every night of the week. Casual fuck buddies can expect 2-3 rounds of mind blowing sex every time she visits.

    Guy thinks ďwow this girl has some serious sex drive, it would be nice dating such a horny girl who wants sex constantlyĒ

    So the relationship begins. Immediately the sex decreases. Now instead of 3 times per visit itís once per visit. After a few weeks it becomes once every few days. Then after a couple months itís once per week. She often says sheís ďnot in the moodĒ. The guy thinks back to a few months before when they were having sex all night long... he thinks about how insatiable her sexual appetite was when she was single and sleeping around. Guy becomes concerned but figures itís just a phase...

    In the past Iíve seen it reach a point where the sex stops entirely and the girl who was once hypersexual has now become completely frigid.

    I have friends who are married to a ďformer slutĒ and havenít had sex in years...

    what the fuck is going on here? Is it just the rapid death of physical attraction? Are these women using sex as an unhealthy way of dealing with past trauma and a healthy relationship doesnít inspire sexual desire? Is sex only exciting with strangers and the boyfriend is ďsame boring dickĒ? Is this a shit-test to gain power? A way of punishing the boyfriend? It makes zero sense to me.

    I have a high sex drive and I typically end up dating pretty ďfreakyĒ girls, but the moment we enter into a relationship they go from nymphomaniac to cold fish...

    whatís going on here? Iím genuinely confused. I thought my ex was just a unique situation but now itís happening again and weíve only been together for a few months. Itís a nearly identical to my previous relationship and Iím wondering if this is a common thing with promiscuous girls once they settle into a relationship.

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    Quit picking women that have hypersexual episodes that are more likely then not, attributed to them being off their bi polar meds.
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      Thatís an interesting possibility. The ex was bi polar and her promiscuous phase was during manic episodes, but once she became medicated her sex drive vanished. The current gf does exhibit many of the symptoms of being bipolar and her decline in libido could be a depressive phase, but if she doesnít start being hyper sexual again within the next few days then that theory goes out the window. But itís a pretty solid theory actually