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Internet is a bad place for advices...

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  • Internet is a bad place for advices...

    Okay, so I've been experimenting with my girlfriend to get her first orgasms, i must tell it was a hard work, but we did it! In fact, twice now and im profressing to find new ways. However, I found that looking for advices on the internet is not always the best option. You know, when you search for things like 'how do you make a woman orgasm' and so on, you get advices like you have to be soft, reaally gentle with them and just work your ways. So after reading soo many articles about such things I was experimenting with my girlfriend with fingering techniques, to be more specific, I tried giving her the clitorial orgasm for the start. Man, was that a long journey, because the thing is, the more i tried to apply the techniques from the internet, the more unsuccessful i got. When I was trying to rub her clit directly and softly I would get no response from her, she didnt give any signs that shes feeling it, even though she said thatbit was feeling good, but as i continued she would start getting strong tickles/cramps in her one or the other leg, which at first I thought was happening because she had an orgasm... I was wrong after all. I asked her how would it feel the best for her, like should I go soft or push a little harder, she told me to go a little harder, it was more pleasurable for her, but... The same result came, but faster.. I am in confusion and dont know how to make her have the best time of her life. I also must mention that she never masturbated and doeasnt think of doing it... So it got things a little harder for me, bwcause she doesnt know how to advise me while doing it. BUT one day I went down on her, started doing things to her with my tongue and started seeing things that let me know im going thd right way. I spent in total I think good 40 minutes of non stop licking her and she was breathing and struggling to control herself soo hard giving me the good signs that shes getting closer to the big o, until I finally made it, she reached an orgasm and it was great for both of us, even though I didnt get to fuck, but i didnt even wanted to that time, I saw her laying there all tired in ecstasy and i felt good about it finally happening. Needless to say, the downside of my tongue was fucking ripped and hurting, but I did the same thing again the next morning though. Now finally my question... What the hell do i do with my fingers? I cant always be ripping my tongue going down on her everytime, I want to do the same thing with my fingers too!

    P. S. By the way with my tongue I had to go hard too and give her all the oressure to make her feel good though, thats why my tongue hurted.

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    And yet you post?


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      The Internet is as good as any other place for advices, you have to remember to adapt the advice to your specific situation, as the people giving the advice may have been in a similar situation but I doubt they had been in exactly the same situation.

      Also, you need to know how to use the tools available. For example, a Google search shows first the results from sites with more links to them, but that doesn't mean they are the best answers, only that they are the more popular.