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What is squirting really?

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  • What is squirting really?

    Ok. What the hell is she squirting all over my bed. When it dries it looks like male cum. But women donít have a prostate. Is it piss? Other guys cum thatís built up inside her? Some kinda weird unicorn tears? What is this white shit all over my bed?

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    Originally posted by deadelvis View Post
    weird unicorn tears
    That's my best guess dude ^
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      Normal vaginal discharge leaves white stains. More or less depending on time of the month.
      I suspect unicorn tears would be rainbow coloured.


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        Ever heard of google?


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          The "squirt" that comes from the Skeans Glad (also referred to as the "female prostate") is clear (it's not urine) so if what's coming out of your current "lay" is looking like semen then it's likely just a very thick natural vaginal lubricant. If its odorless then it's likely not any type of infection.
          Unicorn tears smell like cotton candy!
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