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    So me and my girlfriend decided to have sex the other day. I put on a condom and when we were having sex, I ejaculated and like an idiot, didnt pull out right away, I kept going for another minute or so. When I did eventually pull out, the condom slipped off. Half of it was in her and half was sticking out but it looked like everything was still in there. She has been on birth control pills for a long time, and she took one a few hours afterward. Can she get pregnant? Especially if she didnt take a Plan B pill or whatever?

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    If she's on birth control pills and taking them in a reliable way, you should be fine.
    Chances of getting pregnant are slim.

    However, people make mistakes taking birth control pills all the time. They get careless, skip a day now and then, ...
    Before you relax, make sure your girlfriend was taking her pills on schedule, every day at the same time.
    Even skipping a pill a month ago can be enough to cause a window of fertility.

    People sometimes think that taking a pill means they are not fertile that day. This is wrong.
    The pill suppresses ovulation. You need one pill a day, every day the previous month to suppress ovulating the next month. So miss a pill now and you may get pregnant next month. That's how it works.
    Also, some antibiotics and other medication can diminish the effectiveness of birth control pills. Make sure she wasn't on any.
    If she has been sick and had diarhhea or vomited a few hours after taking a pill, she may have been unprotected for a month.

    If you're going to be sexually active, maybe you should talk to your girlfriend about a more reliable and long-term method of birth control. I'm currently on an IUD and loving it.
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