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Womans perspective, sharing girlfriend/wife

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  • Womans perspective, sharing girlfriend/wife

    Sorry about the length up front but it takes a little bit to explain

    I'm asking on here because it's anonymous and i've actually found many women online dating websites that actually like this situation but I still haven't found the one just yet, i was close but no cigar. Anyway, I want to ask more women (this is specifically for the women in the group so if you are guy, I do not need or want your perspective please, sorry, you are certainly welcome to comment especially if you have similar desires thoughts etc.). And I would love to discuss one on one with a girl to gain a deeper understanding of a womans perspective on it, you might be surprised how many actually like the ability to have sex with whomever they want, when they want but timing is everything.

    A little about me before the questions, I don't know how I developed this desire but I know I will not be happy with a girl unless she has at least a regular fuck buddy on the side or multiple fuck buddies on the side. I can't explain it but I know I want a girl that loves her sexual freedom and takes full advantage of it. I was married for almost 2 decades, I'm very attractive, there are many women that actually find me attractive but I'm only interested in those that are ok with a relationship as described above so it narrows the pool down considerably. Any way, I was married, my wife finally confessed to cheating on me, even asked me out of the blue one day if she could have a boyfriend and I froze thinking I should not share my desire with her and told her she could not. She went on to have one any way, actually several but I didn't find out till much later. When she confessed it turned me on to no end, she was vague on what she done when she confessed but I finally told her it turned me on and asked if she would provide details of her dalliances. They were purely sexual and very hot to listen to. I finally told her if she wanted to continue to have sexual relations with men she wanted to that it was ok as long as she was honest going forward about what she had going on. Ultimately we divorced because she didn't want to continue doing that and I felt like she did all those things out of spite. Oddly enough it matters to me the why, if it's just sexual then I'm good with it, it matters where her heart is, if we are in love, and I know that seems like an oxymoron to some people that having sex with one person you can't possibly be in love with another I tell you it can be. I had a girlfriend after my divorce that we were both in love, she had at least 5-6 fuck buddies over the course of the 4 years we dated. I know we were in love, I know that she could have sex and it not mean anything. (it didn't work out because she wouldn't stop taking drugs later in the relationship and those didn't have anything to do with her sexual activity). And I never, ever cheated on her nor would I have any desire to cheat on her if my girl took full advantage of the situation. And yes, her and i did have a lot of sex, her and I both desired sex with each other regularly but she liked certain things a little more and sought them out on the side.

    When I say I desire a girl that takes full advantage of the situation, she absolutely has full autonomy to have sex anytime, any place with pretty much anyone as long as it doesn't interfere with our relationship growth and plans.

    So, knowing a brief history of my situation and desires and knowing that I would have no desire to cheat on you or have the situation reciprocated back to myself,

    1) Be honest, how many of you would like that arrangement?

    2) If so, when would be best time to bring that up in our relationship? (I've had several girls that you wouldn't think they would consider it, actually loved the idea, conservative christian women etc)

    3) How should that desire be expressed?

    4) Is there a volunteer(s) to discuss this on a deeper more honest level?