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Embarrassing incident during sex, causing major anxiety

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  • Embarrassing incident during sex, causing major anxiety

    Ok so I wanna say first off, this won't be exactly "graphic" but I do have to go into a small amount of detail and it kinda sorta has to do with anal so if you don't wanna read about that, here's your warning. So I've been with my boyfriend for a year and a half now, we've been having sex with each other exclusively for two years. The other night, we were doing our thing and he goes to put his thumb in my rear (for lack of a better term). Here's the embarrassing part: Now I assume this risk comes with the territory, but long story short, I had.....some stuff in there. I feel weird typing it out for a bunch of strangers to read but I need help. So he was very comforting about it, spent hours with me at my place just kinda cuddling and such. We've had sex I think twice since then, but one of those time he kinda needed a bit of convincing. To be fair, we'd already spent A LOT of time together that week and he was getting burnt out and we were also watching Bates Motel which is not a show that really puts ya in the mood. It would be worth mentioning that I have really really bad anxiety and now days later I've managed to convince myself that he now hates having sex with me and I spent the entire day today crying on and off. Put all of that together it was about 3-4 hours of straight sobbing. Not my proudest day. I'm also obsessing over everything that has to do with that um region. He's still being affectionate enough with me, less enthusiastic than I'd like when talking about sex (but I feel like he's sort of normally like that over text and such), but I really can't get the idea that our sex life together and relationship are now ruined out of my head. The next time I'll see him it will have been a week since I saw him last and it's just affecting me emotionally really badly. I just don't know if these shitty thoughts are based in reality or if it's just my anxiety and I really can't talk to him about it. I don't want like sex between us to be weird now and I really wanna fix this cause I don't wanna lose him.

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    I'm sure you guys are fine and in no danger of breaking up over one awkward sex encounter. You said it yourself, it's a risk that comes with territory. He might less inclined to engage in that kind of play in the future, but I doubt he is going to dump you for an incident which was probably just as embarasssing for him as it was for you. You'll be fine girl, try and let it go and move on.


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      Let me be clear.
      He put his thumb up there without warning or checking if it was okay, then whatever he finds there is his fault!

      He knew that before going through the back door - assuming he's not an idiot. He was willing to take that risk. Fine, it's on him then.
      For goodness sake, don't let anyone (not even you) shame you about the fact that you have a normally functioning digestive system. It's just a bit of poop. If you ever have kids, you'll be covered in diaper fluids so often you won't even flinch anymore. It's no big deal!

      I don't think your boyfriend is in any way bothered by what happened - but if he is he's a douchbag and you shouldn't give it another thought.
      But it seems t me that you're creating a problem where there isn't one.
      Stop focusing on it so hard. Just tell him, next time he wants to use the back door, he needs to give you a few hours notice so you can clean the corridor.
      You can't control the waves, but you can learn to surf


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        Yeah youíre definitely tripping. Guys know that if you do but stuff sometimes things get messing. Iíve had girls get shit all over my fingers, my dick, my bed etc. one girl basically shit on my lap. I just wash myself off and stick it right back in. Those are the hazards of anal