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struggling to stay hard during sex

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  • struggling to stay hard during sex

    Iím 36. Sheís 23. Sheís very hot. Sex is great. But lately Iíve been struggling to stay hard after the first ten minutes. I can sit at home and mastubate like 10 times in a row no problem. But the last few times we had sex I couldnít even cum. Iím not in the greatest physical shape these days but Iíve always been good for at least two 20-30 minutes fucks per night and now Iím struggling to make it past 10 minutes without going soft. I donít think itís emotional or psychological. Sheís hot and she gets me hard really easy but once we start fucking I need to be in an easy position like doggy (less physical work) and really go hard and fast otherwise I can feel it start to go soft. I have a pretty large penis and Iím probably about 30-40 lbs over my ideal weight. Iím a smoker and a drinker. This has happened in the past when Iím very drunk, but usually I was still good for about 30-40 minutes when drunk... I just rarely cum when Iím drunk. Now itís happening sober. Iím nervous it might be a symptom of a different medical condition or just overall poor health
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    Ask your doctor for a complete physical. The drinking certainly can affect performance but as you say it's now happening when you are sober.

    Go & have a check up & put your mind at rest. Can't do any harm can it!


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      I agree with Monmouth.
      Get a complete phisical exam and rule out any medical causes.

      If it's not medical, we'll take it from there. I've worked with men with similar issues (I'm a clinical psychologist) but the first step is always getting a medical check-up.
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