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Why do some women not like receiving oral sex?

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  • Why do some women not like receiving oral sex?

    I've dated some women in my past that say they don't like when a guy goes down on them...I love doing it and its a big part of my sexual "game" if you will...I have a whole method worked out that seems to work well. I'm sure there are a myriad of reasons but can you fill me in on some? Also, have you ever been converted from not liking it to liking it? Thanks!!

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    Why do some people like getting their toes sucked? Why do some people like getting slapped on their ass during sex?

    People just like what they like. There's no general consensus, no right or wrong. It feels good for some and just blah for others.

    In some cases it can be because the woman is blocked by insecurity about the appearance or smell of their nether regions.
    Or they can have trouble letting go of the control.
    Or they might feel guilty about receiving selfish pleasure while the guy has to put in the effort and not get anything back right away - you'd be surprised how many women have been taught that a man's pleasure is all that really matters during sex.
    Or maybe because they know that receiving oral sex means they will be required to return the favor and they really dislike giving oral sex.

    Could be so many reasons.
    What's your situation in particular? If we have more details we might be able to narrow it down.
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      Some love it, and some hate it


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        You may be missing out on one key component: a deeper emotional connection. Fine, you've got the tongue and digit mechanisms - big deal. It means nothing if a woman isn't mentally or emotionally connected to you. Even if you're using it as foreplay if the recipient isn't in the right head or heart space, they're not going to be receptive.


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          My EX didn't enjoy it at first. She would say she better give than receive. But she would let me do it but not to the point of orgasm, so if she would get close she would ask me to stop because she didn't want to orgasm that way. It would confuse me how she would not like it but would still manage to come close to an orgasm. She explained that the stimulation was still there for her to be able to orgasm, but she preffered if it was done during penetration. She did mention that she was starting to like a little more just because she realized how much it would turn me on.