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Issues with losing virginity

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  • Issues with losing virginity

    Me and my girlfriend have been together for around 4 years now and we are both ready to have sex. We've been giving each other oral for essentially our entire relationship so we understand a good amount of our bodies, the only issue is she happens to be very tight (I can fit one finger in without hurting her, sometimes two) and I am around 8 inches long and quite wide. I'd very much prefer a remedy that would cause her no pain however I understand if that's not possible. We have tried a few times and after getting the head in it would hurt too bad and we would stop. Please help if you can, thanks.

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    Bro just the tip then half, and use lube even if shes wet it will help dont go all way if your around 8 and shes a virgin you will prob hurt her pretty bad. Reality is some girls cant take it . Im around mor 6-7 inch and still had same issues. Its super frustrating as a guy i get it. But a womans body is way to different to blame the girl . Just tell her its going to hurt. And get lube.


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      Ok man, thanks for the help!


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        Part of the problem is she almost certainly tense, I suggest massaging her and bring her close to arousal and using a selection of smooth vibrators, that way she'll get used to being penetrated with something a little smoother


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          Some girls prefer doing it themselves (like on top) so they control it more, but yeah plain and simple, sex the first time is rarely very fun for the girl I hate to say, and as a bi-product not very fun for the guy. The 2nd time you have sex is where it's at.


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            but yes, a ton of foreplay with your hand or mouth, could go a long way + lube