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Is it wrong to have a foot fetish?

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  • Is it wrong to have a foot fetish?

    Im not sure if thats the right place to post it since im new to the forum,soo sorry if im doing something wrong .Anyways,when i was 7-8 years old i remember whenever some (female) guest or a (female) friend comes in our house,i used to play with her feet but with toys or building some lego base around her feet,something like that.When i started masturbating around 13 years old i tried with the "normal" porn,ye sure i got pleasure but no as much as i later tried with foot.Ive always been looking in someone's feet even someotimes unintentionally.Im right now 16 years old and i still like feet,but im not quite sure if i tell someone,they would react as they have heard a normal fetish.I think that because im in living in a small country and most of the people are pretty close- minded and usually call everyone that has some "werid" fetishes "craps" "weirdos" or telling them to kill themselves cuz of one fetish.I think its pretty normal to have whatever fetish you have been born with.I think its not the right time to tell anyone about it?Since ill probably be judged pretty stupid.What do ya think? Ps i hate my country so badly.

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    Foot fetishes are quite common. Not only do you not have to tell anyone about your fetish that you're not courting, you shouldn't tell anyone about it if you're sure you'll be ridiculed for it.

    I'm not trying to steer you away from this forum, but you may find the one in the link below to your liking.
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      Try putting it in perspective and don't feel bad about what you're into. If you're not hurting anyone or committing a crime, then who's to say you can't enjoy what you enjoy? I'd be wise about it if your town or country don't understand you. I wouldn't tell anyone about it yet. You're very young. Give yourself time to grow and learn about other things. When you're older and more independent and can choose what country you want to live in or break out of this one, live the life you want to live. I'm pretty sure all of us have felt the same way in some way when we were 16 and feeling isolated and trapped in a particular situation we couldn't change right away because we were very young. Give yourself time and learn about the world as much as you can.


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        Dont worry too much about it. Dont be ashamed its very common. People dont tell these private matters so you dont have to.
        just give it time, grow, and when the time is right and you find the right partner later on you can always try to discuss this.


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          Don't worry too much about it.
          Plenty of people have some sort of fetish - foot fetish being one of the most common ones.
          There's nothing wrong with it.
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