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Having trouble getting it up (100%) for her when the time is right.

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  • Having trouble getting it up (100%) for her when the time is right.

    Okie, Iíve been having some troubles lately with my girlfriend. I am 20 and she is 21 and we are having our 7th anniversary this weekend. Iíve noticed a huge issue getting it all the way up when we get in the mood and as of lately she has started to notice which is absolutely breaking my heart because she no longer thinks Iím sexually attracted to her anymore and itís slowly crumbling her self esteem. I love this girl with everything I have and I donít want to let her go as I know sheís ďthe oneĒ. I still love her intimately but my parts arenít getting that message for some reason. Itís by no means ruining my relationship but itís making things a little difficult in the bedroom. The real reason this is causing a red flag is up until a couple months ago she wouldnít even really have to give any provocation to get me to 100% where I need to be. Not real sure if itís useful info or not, but outside of the bedroom we are an amazing couple who can still talk for hours about anything and everything and sheís my best friend that I take everywhere with me and do everything with. Iím trying to get a grip on this before it really does cause a rift between us. Any and all help is much appreciated and sorry for the jumbled mess of information.

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    Has anything changed between you and your GF lately, sometimes itís a mental thing, do you masturbate? If so you might want to abstain from that and save yourself for your GF, looking at porn is also not good. I am much older and rather than use Cialis I use a cock ring, itís awesome and that thing is like a rock when I use it but then it might become a mental thing for your GF if you use it, as in you arenít attracted to me so you have to use a cock ring.


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      this appears to be a dysfunctional medical problem. first step is to see a doctor for an examination for potential causes before playing games or using sex toys.

      also try new positions and different foreplay to spice up the relationship. perhaps role playing will spice up your enthusiasm.


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        Has anything changed since you started having problems? Health issues... weight... new medications... changes in diet...?

        Just because someone's by your side, it doesn't mean they're on your side.