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  • My boyfriends ex

    I'm a bisexual female, in a relationship with my boyfriend of 3 years.
    lately I've been wanting to ask him for a threesome, not with just anyone
    A particular extra of his. I'm just worried on how to bring this up to him, I don't want to come off as weird

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    What do you mean you "don't want to come off as weird?"

    Does he know you are bi-sexual? Have you ever told him that you are not wanting to be monogamous?

    You know him better then we do, would he be jiggy with doing the two of you or would you expect him just to watch while you get to play?

    BTW: What does "a particular extra of his" mean. If you mean his ex partner then I don't think there is any way to ask for that without sounding "weird!" If that's what you mean, then why on earth would you want to open up THAT kind of can of worms. Gah O.o
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      Itís not weird, go for it, see what he says, talk and be open about it, itís so much better that way!


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        I meant weird because it's his ex, yes he knows I'm bi. The only reason I'm struggling with telling him is because it's his ex. From what he thinks, I don't like her one bit.