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I don't know whether its PE or something, but I need help

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  • I don't know whether its PE or something, but I need help

    Okay, so this is my case. For a long time, I thought I had PE. I'm 17, and I thought it would get better with age. I thought it was a brain thing that my brain is accustomed to finishing fast so I dont get caught, so I thought, I'll let it slide. When I masturbate, I do it with my couch. Yes it might sound weird, but I made a kind of fleshlite with two leather couch cushions. I've been trying to get off it but I just can't, but now I'm afraid of health problems related to using this. Do I have anything to be afraid of? Anyways, the real issue. So when I first started using it, I finished in like 5 mminutes. Now it's barely 30 seconds and I'm done. I'm really scared and I thought maybe if I get off it. So I got off it for three weeks, only to come back later and same problem. So I tried hand masturbating using the stop and start method. I lasted about 20 minutes. And I'm sure I could have lasted more if I didn't force it. But I'm sure my hand doesn't feel like a pussy, and maybe the couch is more like it. Does that mean I'll cum within 30 seconds when having sex?

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    I don't think you should worry about premature ejaculation until you've actually had sex a few times.

    Cross that bridge when you get to it. It may not be a problem at all.

    Adding: when you wank off with the couch cushions, I assume you are closing your eyes and imagining you are fucking a woman? If it's actually the cushions you get turned on by then you might want to try and dial that back.
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      It's easier to get yourself off than it is to get off when you're having sex with a real person. So it doesn't take as long and usually happens if you're masturbating, both men and wojmen.

      I don't know if this is a problem that will continue or not. Young guys in your age range are notoriously quick. So it might improve with age. However, there are some guys for whom this remains a problem. But remember it's not a huge problem with a real woman as long as you don't depend on your penis alone to get her off and complete her or wait until she says "enough" before you do it. You might have to forego her giving you foreplay to delay things. I think with real experience, you'll find some variance and learn to work with it.
      Not at all flirtatious. Why does it say that??