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Me and girlfriend bedroom problems

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  • Me and girlfriend bedroom problems

    So me and my girlfriend have been together for a few months over a year at this point and we are experiencing a bit of a problem in the bedroom.
    That being she doesn't really want to do it much anymore. I know of the honeymoon stage of the relationship where everything is perfect and you have sex a lot, but this went past the honeymoon stage this only started to occur a few months ago.

    How we used to initiate sex was either I start touching her and she would touch me back then we would do it or vice versa. But for the past couple of months its been a bit dead, we still do it time to time, but its usually me that starts it and either we will have quick sex or ill touch her for a while then realise that we're not gonna do it so I stop then she tells me to continue touching her so I do then she cums and then she rolls over and acts like nothing just happened and its super frustrating.

    It's not so much the sex I want, as we've had it where we've both been far apart from each other for a while and it did not upset me, its just recently she's been turning me down a bit and that does depress me a bit.
    Iv spoken to her about this lightly where iv told her that I feel like she doesn't want sex and she reassured me and told me just loves it and its the best she's had but sometimes she gets a bit tired which I know is the famous girl lie for not wanting sex.
    The reason I have not had a serious talk with her face to face is that I don't want to force her as I know she will force herself to have sex with me to please me but I want her to want to have sex with me, yano?

    I also know that she's not cheating on me as A) she's not like that B) she has not had the time to do that C) She has like zero guy friends the only ones being the ones she doesn't like which I know D) we're ALWAYS talking to each other apart from whens she's at work which I know she is and finally E) I'm on good terms with her family and they're nice people who like to know what their daughter is doing so if she was seeing someone else somehow I think her family would tell me.
    So I'm just asking for any advice and if she's telling the truth when she says she really enjoys it and what I should do about this.

    P.S: Her kinks also sort of change weirdly, like in the beginning of our relationship she liked stuff like being choked and swallowing and certain positions which were super comfortable for me and she said she really liked it (and of course so did I), but recently all of that seems to of vanished and I don't know why, the main and (cause of the lack of sex) position is missionary. Like I said the sex is over usually within 10-20 mins and a lot of it is just me pleasuring her.

    But apart from this everything is practically perfect she can be a bit annoying at times but everyone is, and she has helped me through tough times as we both started college last year and I struggled making friends which she really helped me through.

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    Are the two of you making the effort to go on dates like you did in the beginning of the relationship? This is important to keep the romance/spark alive, which affects the sexual chemistry.

    Also you say that you talk constantly. I think that's a bad move as you need some time to miss each other, even if it's minimal.

    Just because someone's by your side, it doesn't mean they're on your side.


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      Agree with everything reg said. You have to be the leader in the relationship and get each other out of the routine. Make your time together exciting and fun like it once was. You can't be complacent in the relationship now that she is with you. When she feels heard in understood in the relationship once again she will be more open to having more fun in the bedroom again.