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Is me being plus size the problem?

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  • Is me being plus size the problem?

    Im always seeing couples who are skinny constantly showing affection and the guy lusting over her and there being so much passion and desire. And I want that. I want to feel desired and wanted. I want to feel like my man can't keep his hands off of me but sadly I don't feel this way. Is it because I'm fat? My boyfriend says that it's not the case and that he just doesn't show things well but I don't want to live this way. What do I do?

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    You need to tell your boyfriend how you're feeling. Communication is key in every relationship. Plus- if your boyfriend ends up actually being not okay with your weight. Then you need to stand up for yourself and find you someone that will be all over you- no matter if you're 90 or 300 lbs, or anything in between.


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      This is your problem , not your boyfriends.

      You could be with another guy and he is all over you in public but not treat you the same way your bf does treat you in other ways.

      Myself and my partner are not affectionate in public. I'm not plus size. We know we both love each other and neither of us have the need to display it publicly.

      The skinny couple you saw last week are no longer seeing each other. It was short lived. At least that's a possibility? Right?

      Would you rather be single watching the "skinny" couples than be with your man?

      How is your relationship otherwise??


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        I think your just feeling insecure. How is your relationship in General?


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          I don't like showing too much affection in public, I think it's not really appropriate. It's better to keep it for your bedroom, where you can be just as sexy as you want.