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Can I seduce her or just passing time?

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  • Can I seduce her or just passing time?

    Hi I proposed a girl a year before and we spoke and after because of some problems we separated.
    Recently I gave some roses and a hand-made card for her birthday and we started to speak again. But now she is having a guy from last October.
    New situation is she always calling me and texting me and normally we are calling even at 12 am 1 am also. When she is going to meet her guy she is telling me donít text Iím going to meet him. She agreed to come to my friendís wedding with me also. Before she refused me when I call her like ďbabe, babyĒ but now I always calling her like that and she likes that.
    Whatís your opinion about this situation? Can I seduce her or just passing time?

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    Duplicate post.

    Posting under the chase and then here?

    She is better off without you. Leave her alone.