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    I know how us men think of regular sex VS how women think of regular sex. The numbers never seem to match up. But after being with a women for a number of years should the annual numbers continue to drop off at a steady rate? We are already into the 6th month of the year and for us we have had sex 3 times. Two of which were while in Europe for 3-1/2 weeks, including Paris for 1 of those weeks. This leaves just one encounter this year so far at home, 4 months ago. We are both healthy people (ages 47 & 52) with no issues as far as not being able to preform. She also has the Big O during each time. When "IT" does happen it is only when/where/how she wants. I always she it is her sexlife not mine. Last year was a grand total of 6 times. We live 1 hour and 45 minutes apart but do see each other often throughout the weeks and months. I googled sex for seniors just to compare. Couples that are actively having sex in their 70's are up to 10-12 times a year. Her and I have no excuses as far as I am concerned.
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    It is because she no longer feels safe and comfortable with you being the leader in the relationship.

    Who initiates? Why does she keep you from continuing if you try to initiate?

    Have you had any discussions with her on the subject?

    Do you still date her the way you once did when you started?

    Do you give her time to miss you or are you always there and bugging her for sex?


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      You say you see one another "often" Just what does that mean. Twice a week? Once a month? If you ever actually advance your relationship to that of a live-in one, things won't improve so you must ask yourself if you're happy with doing it even less (once you're there all of the time and the newness has worn off) then what you do it now. She is who she is. If you're not happy then leave and be grateful that she didn't do a bait and switch on you leaving you thinking that she was a "goer" when she really isn't.
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