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    Hi! New here but I was hoping for some advice! I am married and love my husband so much.He was single for about 15 years before we met so of course he was self pleasuring. Now that we are together he likes two positions during sex. Me on top and me on top reverse cowgirl. Of course he like to receive oral but doesn't give it often. Maybe a germaphob of sorts. I shower daily and shave. I don't stink and occasionaly maybe once every 3 months he does and it is amazing! I aleays tell him how much I enjoyed it! The same old thing is getting old. I want to do something else. When I try to talk to him he changes the subject. If I do manage to say lets do something else he take it as a complaint and then we go days or weeks without sex. Last time we actually fought because he wouldn't have sex. He said I made him self conscious. I have told him I am willing to try new things and everytjing. Any idea how to bring up the subject without bruising his ego?

    I should add that we have been married about 3 years.
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    Explain to him that they are your fantasies and you will orgasm more if he does certain things to you.

    Men like making women happy, "It would really turn me on if you did this to me".

    Challenge him with things like, "see if you can make me orgasm like this".

    Keep things positive and keep encouraging and challenging him. Small steps.


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      Good advice ^

      I think you taking the lead in the bedroom is the right idea. If you give him oral so he's ready to go, and then get into whatever position you want to try and ask him to fuck you like that, I think the chances of him saying ''no I want you on top'' are slim.

      Try taking charge and see if he follows. He may be more agreeable in the heat of the moment rather than trying to discuss it at another time.
      Just because someone's by your side, it doesn't mean they're on your side.