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Too comfortable? or is he over the marriage?

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  • Too comfortable? or is he over the marriage?

    To start off, here is a pre-summary of us and our marriage,
    Me and my husband met October of last year, hit it off amazingly and fell in love. I became pregnant 2 months later then we decided to get married few months there after. Our relationship has had a lot of bumps during my pregnancy. I had a rough pregnancy along with my depression and PTSD. He also has stress induced biopolar and PTSD. We kept and still set each other off by our triggers.

    Right now a new big issue in our marriage is our sex life. I just have my third child(our first) 2 and a half months ago, so our sex doesn't feel the same now and kegals all day everyday have been doing nothing. Plus my husband has a high sex drive and masterbates up to times a day watching porn then we have sex 2-3 times a week which lately it's been decreasing and I've noticed we don't do any foreplay anymore, he doesn't touch/caress me or even kiss me during sex unless I kiss him. His preferred start position is him on top with his head to the side nowhere near my face and then me on top and him moving my hips until he finishes. It's becoming so routine, emotionless and detached and I feel like the only one that is noticing this. On top of being sexually frustrated sometimes he doesn't even orgasm. And when he doesn't he pulls up porn on his phone and masterbates right next to me in the bed! I eventually told him last week how it made me feel like I wasn't good enough and didn't please him. He hasn't done it again since but still our sex life is starting to diminish.
    Is it because we are too comfortable? Is he tired of arguing, not attracted to me anymore and or done with our marriage? Which he has mentioned the D word a few time before during our rough times.

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    This story is a perfect example of why you don't get married and have a kid with someone you have only just met.

    But you did. Woopsie.

    It sounds like there is little communication going on with regard to the sex problems. Have you talked to him specifically about the things you mention in your post? If so, what did he say?

    You can't expect him to magically know that the routine sex isn't floating your boat, you need to discuss it.

    This really sounds like the least of your problems though. Have either of you had treatment for your PTSD/bipolar issues? Is there a plan in place to stop the two of you from constantly triggering each other?
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