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Should I have sex with my massage / neighbor

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  • Should I have sex with my massage / neighbor

    I'm 20 years old kind of shy I never had sex and only one real gf anyway I was born with a disability and have pain in my legs and lower back and i have been getting massages from neighbor across the street for 6 years. Today at my appointment everything started out normal I got naked and she.massaged my back and then I flipped over and as she was massaging my upper thighs she started brushing up against my dick and then began stroking my shaft I immediately tensed up and she told me to just relax I panicked and grabbed my clothes and got out of there about an hour ago she texted me and apologized and explained with 3 kids she has no time or the patience to date and has been lonely and just thought we could have a little fun she promised this would never happen again and hoped this didn't ruin are friendship and if I didn't want to see her she understands and would refer me to another therapist. She divorced her husband a little over a year ago because he cheated on her and knocked up another woman. If I told you I never thought about it I would about I would be lying When i gor home i wentry to my roomand finished the job . She is gorgeous but I always thought my first would be with my future wife. There also the age difference she is 32 I am so confused right now what should I do?

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    Is she a licensed massage therapist? You should report her to the police. What she did to you constitutes a sexual assault.
    "What lips my lips have kissed and where and why I have forgotten." ~Edna St. Vincent Millay


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      I think she is licensed I just told my parents were going to report it


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        She has been massaging you for a disability since you were 14 yrs old. It was never appropriate or necessary for you to be naked.
        She has abused her position for 6 years. Not just in this last instance. I hope you have kept her text messages as proof for the police report.


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          I disagree with Maggiemay: I have gotten massages and they usually tell me to strip naked. It's more comfortable than being in underwear. That said, they don't start playing with me while i"m under the sheets. My masseuse never touched me down there, or saw me (that I know of).

          OP, I think most guys would love that. I respect that you don't like it, but I also think she was just trying to do something good for you. If you're shy around girls, and a woman does that for you... I mean, most guys would love that. I know I would have when I was 20. Think about what you are doing to her if you strip her of her license. There are usually other, more responsible and humane ways of dealing with things like this than going to court. People can be too sensitive nowadays, in my opinion. I think her intentions were good.


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            I agree with entrepreneur1. If this is the first time she has ever made a move in 6 years and you are of legal age it is between you and her whatever happens afterwards. I don't believe that the situation automatically deems the woman a pedophile or a sexual abuser. You are of legal age, it is YOUR business.