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Need help to have a good sex

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  • Need help to have a good sex

    I just recently have sex with my girlfriend. She have alot more experience than me. She told me her hole is damn big, so i tried out. During sex, i told her i can't feel my dick inside her. She said my dick was 1 to 2 inch smaller than her ex ones. She also wasn't convinced to get into other sex position, like getting on top of me. I wish to have a better experience with her. What are some tricks i should do? How to i make my dick last longer? Is there any tips? I tired licking her pussy and she like it, but when i wanna lick again after sometime, she said no. She said it is painful if i insert my fingers. There was once where we went on a movie date and i rubbed her pussy. She rejected it at first but said i did a pretty good job after that. She told me it feels awesome. What are so advices?

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    If it's painful for her to have your finger inside her, yet can't feel your dick, then I assume your dick is much smaller than your finger. Maybe next time try your pinky?!


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      It's not smaller than my pinky. She just doesn't like my fingers inside. She enjoyed sex but i just couldn't feel my dick. I am a healthy guy. Is it because she is too loose? Will she ever become tight?


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        put her flat on her stomach and aim for the inside of her belly. She will feel it. Lick her ass before you do it. Whether they admit it or not, every girl loves that.