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The Sex Shop Policies

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  • The Sex Shop Policies

    The Sex Shop FAQ, Rules & Disclaimer


    While the administrators and moderators of this forum will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every message. Therefore you acknowledge that all posts made to these forums express the views and opinions of the author and not the administrators, moderators or webmaster and hence will not be held liable. Upon posting/replying in this forum you hereby agree to and understand this disclaimer and the terms set below and are accountable for any such actions that should violate these rules.


    Q: What kind of questions belong in this forum?

    <span style='color:indigo'>A: Any questions regarding Sexual intercourse/behavior go in this forum. Basically when you start asking questions that go beyond "kissing", this is the forum you come to. Any questions about puberty, STD's or the body go here as well.</span>

    <span style='color:teal'>Q: What's the deal with the "Disclaimer" (see above)? What does it mean?</span>

    A: Our disclaimer is a reminder to users that the opinions expressed by people on the forums are simply that; opinions. Although we have knowledgable people who are willing to help, the best advice can only be given by a professional (medical, psychological etc). The staff of the RF stresses that the word of our users/moderators/administrators is not that of a professional doctor or psychologist (etc) and therefore must not be taken as such.

    Q: I posted a question 5 minutes ago and theres still no answer! What do I do?!

    A: You wait. As tough as it is to understand, sometimes the forumites online don't have an answer to your question. All you can do is wait until someone has some input. DO NOT post the same question with a different topic to get more answers. Double posting is not allowed.

    Q: I have a pretty common question. I need answers fast! What do I do?

    A: Go to the The Archives . As the forum builds, important or common topics are archived. The archives are full of information and the responses are already there. The archives are a valuable tool when posting in the forum.

    Q: I posted a topic and now its gone. Where did it go?

    <span style='color:indigo'>A: There are a number of places topics go.

    -If a moderator felt your topic was off-topic (see No Spam Policy below in Rules) then it may have been deleted or closed.

    -Inactive topics eventually drop down the list and disappear onto the 2nd or 3rd page of "The Sex Shop". A closed topic is considered inactive and may disappear off the front page as newer topics push it down.

    - Your topic may have been moved. If you had a legitimate, non-spam topic that didn't quite fit into "The Sex Shop" forum, it may have been moved. In this case, the moderator will have posted a topic with your topic-title and your username in it {ie: "I'm going on my first date!" (by ps_tiger)} . This topic will be closed but will contain a link to where your original post has been moved.</span>

    Q:What's a moderator? What do the moderators in this forum do? Who are they? What authority do they have?

    <span style='color:indigo'>A: It is the duty of the "The Sex Shop" (SS) moderators to uphold the law. Moderators ensure the forums are running smoothly and are under control. Moderators (and administrators) are the voice of authority in the forum. If you are noticing a problem with how the actual php bulletin board runs/works you can visit our new Romance Forums Help Forum. If you are having a problem with a certain user in the SS forum or a problem with what's happening in SS, you can PM the moderators of the forum. The Sex Shops moderators are Kuju, SupernaturalNympho and nicruns. All of the Relationship Forums moderators post frequently in their forums. Moderators surf the forums and hang out with the users. Our moderators are very approchable and open-minded. Do not be afraid to speak to an SS moderator if you have a question, comment or problem. SS's moderators know the ropes and understand what should and shouldn't go on in the forum. If your post has been closed and you don't understand why, feel free to pm that moderator to get a better discussion rolling. If you have a problem with the actions of a moderator, pm that moderator and tell them so. If you feel the moderator is abusing their powers you can speak to an administrator. In 99.9% of all cases, you will NOT have a moderator stripped of their abilities. You cannot lobby for a mod to be fired. If you have a serious problem, take it to the moderator and then to the administrator if it cannot be solved. Our moderators are hand-picked and do well at what they do. They want to make the forum more enjoyable for you.</span>

    <span style='color:teal'>Q: How can I contact a "Sex Shop" Moderator?</span>

    A:There are numerous ways you can contact SS's moderators:


    Forum PM: Kuju
    ICQ #: 26519537
    AIM: KujuOfTheWenches


    Forum PM: SupernaturalNympho
    ICQ #:71576597
    AIM: SuperNymphotica
    Commentary:Feel free to contact me anytime ~ I'm easiest to reach via Email or ICQ


    Forum PM: nicruns
    ICQ #:
    Yahoo! ID:

    <span style='color:teal'>Q: How do I become a "Sex Shop" Moderator?</span>

    A: Candidates for modship will only be considered when a moderator of the forum is retiring. When there is an open slot, there will be an announcement at the top of the forum. From there on out, candidates can come forth and 'advertise' themselves. These candidates are scrutinized by the retiring moderator and their co-mod(s). To run for modship, a candidate must be well known. While we don't stress a certain amount of necessary posts, the moderator-candidate needs to be a prominent, responsible, mature part of the community. This usually takes a few hundred posts. Candidate's history's are checked for abuse and character. It is important that you are committed as a moderator. All of our moderators frequent their forums on a day-to-day basis. Moderation requires time, committment and maturity. When it has been found that a candidate has all these qualities, there is a final vote in the staffroom. Finally, there is announcement in the forum and the new moderator is welcomed into the RF team.


    1. As noted above, do not post the same question more than once.

    . If your question/comment has been posted recently or is in the archives, you may find it closed with instructions to take a look at older stuff.

    3. [/color]Just because "The Sex Shop" deals with things sexual, it does NOT mean the people here want to see pornographic links or pictures. Any material of this matter will be deleted.

    4. Do not bring old topics to the top.

    5. [/color], Huge/tiny type or CrAzY LeTtErInG hurt the eyes, but it also gets read less. If you have an issue you would like responses to, legible typing is a must-have. Also try not to abbreviate your posts too much. While the occasional 'u' instead of 'you' is acceptable, ur posts wun b that gr8 if u abbrev. all the time ok? Users read posts they can understand. Although these methods may attract attention at first, your entire post is likely to be flamed, not read.

    6. [/color]. If you want answers, your post topics (titles) are important. After awhile, posts that are simply titled "I need help fast!" aren't read. The more specific you are, the better responses you get.

    9. [/color]. Spam is defined, in this forum, as 'off-topic posting'. While moderators and administrators tolerate spam to a certain extent, it is not encouraged. Any threads consisting of spam may be permanently deleted or closed. If a user repeatedly spams a forum, the user will be recommended to the administration for banning.

    10. [/color]. Flaming is when users post angry or spiteful posts in response to a topic. Although the administration encourages free-thought and the expression of opinions, all users are expected to control their tempers. Flaming can ruin useful and profitable discussions. If a user continuously flames or gets carried away, he/she may be warned by a moderator/administrator to calm down. If flaming persists, the topic will be closed and an out-of-control user may be recommended to the administration for banning. Flaming can consititue as spamming which is not allowed.

    11. [/color] (ie: "Hey Deidre, come help me with this problem!"). This forum has a PM (private message) system. If you have a problem that you'd like a certain user to help you with, you can PM them. Any questions directed to a certain user will be closed.

    Note: All General Forum Rules Also Apply For "The Sex Shop" Forum.[/color]
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    one more rule from the old boards...

    Your penis is fine the way it is! Fucking leave it! Unless it's pissing blood or is bent so far it's touching your anus (which could be a good thing, depending on how you take it), your penis is o-fucking-kay!
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      *sigh* Supe my dear, that was beautiful... just... beautiful! *tears* look at the rules! aren't they lovely?


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        *dramatic drama-queen sob* *fans face* well I try *sniffles* *fans face* I was trained by the best, Julia
        Subliminal Message: You are unbelievably sexually attracted to SupernaturalNympho.

        No Supe for you!


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          DEFINATELY covered just about everything supe! Just a reminder to everyone NOT to flame or attack people over their opinions.
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