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Does she still love me?

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  • Does she still love me?

    Sorry about the long post. Once you get writing more and more things come up....

    We are married for 27 years. For some time I am wondering whether my wife still loves me. She is hypersensitive to every remark I make and interprets everything as negatively as possible.

    But there are also other things I don't get: In bed she virtually never touches or hugs me. I feel like she feels disgusted by me and my body. If I touch her she does not react and I have the feeling she just endures it. Even when I give her a back massage in the morning in bed, there is no reaction at all. She simply gets up and walks away.

    The same with sex, I can't remember when she initiated sex with me. It must have been years. But when I initiate it she almost always goes along with it. I mostly make sure that she has a climax. I don't think she is faking it, but she never told me that it was good. When I ask her she says that of course it was good, and is insulted that I even doubt her.

    Although recently she seems to always find excuses when I approach her for sex ("I want to finish the movie first", "I have to floss my teeth first", "You are too sweaty", etc). And of course she never would come back to me later on.

    For some time there is a pattern that as soon as I enter the same room she immediately closes her laptop and leaves to another room. I don't know whether she thinks that the videos or websites she is watching bother me (They don't and I told her so) or whether she just does not want to be around me.

    Recently - for the last year or so - she does not tell me anymore where she goes when she goes out. I usually don't ask, and when I ask she blocks me off and often gives me a meaningless answer ("I'm going to town"). Some years ago we had a big fight because she felt that I was controlling her by asking these questions. So I don't push it.

    I have recently set up the Google family tracking system for me, so that she always knows where I am. But she did not do that for herself, and I don't want to ask about it because it would probably turn into another huge fight.

    She always tells me that I don't understand and consider her. I should read up on the internet or read John Gray's book. But when I go on the internet and find things about relationship advice that I find useful it does not suit her either.

    She accuses me of gaslighting her for years and that I never loved her anyway and it was all a pretend for the last 27 years. This is of course total nonsense, but it is so hard to always being pushed away and having to make the effort to demonstrate that I love her while always being doubted and mistrusted by her.

    I could go on and on about the hundreds of friction issues. I sometimes feel that there are no topics left we can talk about which don't have some sort of history of conflict. She has a whole list of issues going back for years and years, that she brings up again and again. They may be remarks that I made during an old fight, times when I showed too much consideration to my family or random other women, when the presents I gave her for her birthday were not good enough, etc. etc. So we are not talking a lot anymore.

    On my urging we went to marriage counselling twice to two different counsellors, but each times she felt that the counsellor did not understand her and that they insulted her. So now she does not want to go anymore.

    I am not a perfect husband. I know that. Sometimes I should show her more emotional support rather than being very rational, as I am by nature. But I think that I am a decent husband and father, look after the her and the kids, never had an affair or anything like that, hardly go out with friends, do a reasonable job looking after the house (recently I spend several weeks renovating the kitchen for her. It went well and she was in a good mood, but a few days after the kitchen was finished a fight broke out again over an "inconsiderate" remark of mine, and so there is tension again for the last two months.). I try to be more attentive, buy her flowers for birthays and Christmas, draw little love hearts on her shopping list, touch her gently when she walks past, suggest that we go out for lunch together, suggest that we learn dancing or play music together, or do some sport together, give her compliments about her look, open the door for her in restaurants, painted a portrait of her for Christmas, create a calendar with photos of nice memories for her, set up a romantic candle light get-together etc. But it is so bloody hard when I get constantly pushed back, and being told it is just a fake facade I am putting on. And then I also get angry and shut off. I just don't know what to do.

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    Allan R I'm sorry you're going through this. Sounds like after 27 years, you're stuck in a rut. Since she won't go to anymore marriage counseling sessions, how about doing something other than for only couples whenever you go out? How about joining a church (if you're religious, that is), getting involved in ministry, group serving or individual serving, Bible study groups if it applies or community or charity work. Or, exercise together or join an exercise club. Perhaps once your wife sees how other married couples are, she might be influenced by how a happy couple should be.

    It sounds like you're doing a lot already as it is and she takes you for granted lately. Question why you two fell in love in the first place? What was the initial attraction while you were dating, engaged and as newlyweds? What were your interests, hobbies, outings, favorite places to dine, vacation and activities? Try to recapture your youth from back in the day with her. Now that you're kids are grown, surely there must be more time and money to do those things so you can reignite the spark you two once had.

    Perhaps she has depression or a medical problem. Has she been diagnosed by a doctor?

    She sounds bored. Try to switch it up by making life more interesting so there is something to look forward to. Weekend getaways are fun and can be local without breaking the bank. Does she like to sight see, take tours, go to museums, do something around holiday time and such? Try to get inventive and think of new activities so it won't be the same old same old all the time.

    I don't think the tracking system is a good idea because both of you will feel as if you're on a ball 'n chain. There should be a level of intuitive trust between you two without tracking to monitor your every move.

    Even though your wife refuses to attend future marriage counseling sessions, make appointments for yourself and seek professional advice from a marriage counselor. He or she can give you suggestions after you tell him or her your situation.
    "If you bungle raising your children, whatever else you do well in life doesn't matter very much."


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      Thanks a lot for your advice, Chanelle. I really appreciate it.

      I could not suggest that she may have medical problems. When one of the marriage counselors suggested that there may be some childhood reasons (father relationship or similar things) why she behaves like this, she got very upset and felt insulted and refused to visit that counselor again.

      We are not particularly religious, but maybe your suggestion of other activities works.

      I kind of feel that we are doing most of the activities for her. Like last years we were lucky that we could visit Paris. I was not very interested in it (I'm more of an outdoor nature person) but I went with her and it was good. But a few years earlier we went to Sweden, which I wanted to visit and at that time she hardly made any effort to look at the country with me and most days didn't even leave the camper van because she was angry with me.

      When some years ago I gave her a romantic weekend away in a country cabin as a birthday present she was not interested, and rather wanted to visit a big city somewhere. But when for her 50th birthday I gave her a long weekend away in a larger city that she wanted to visit for a long time she afterward complained to my brother in law that she did not get any "real" present for her birthday from me.

      For me one of the big issues is also the physical contact and that I feel that she does not find me attractive, and that she hardly ever proactively makes contact or initiates sex with me. I feel like I am constantly the one having to ask for it. When she did hug me in bed about six months ago when I felt really down I even thanked her later for it! It feels so denigrating.

      I think that trust is in fact one of the main issues. She never seemed to have trusted me and hid some secrets from me from the very start which I only found out many years later. And I sometimes think that she is projecting the same issues on me: Because she behaved that way it is natural that I would behave the same and therefore she naturally can't trust me. But that's just my amateur psychoanalyst theory...

      Anyway, that's just my gripe and she would probably have all sorts of reasons - some probably quite valid - why her behavior was normal and it was my fault. And as I said there are lots of issues behind all this and it would take at least a good dozen counselling sessions to sort all this out.

      But I'll try to come up with some more common activities for us. Both counsellors who we visited suggested that the most effective way is to get counselling as a couple, but maybe I'll nevertheless go there myself. She says anyway that I am the one who needs help, not her.

      Good to be able to vent some of these things with someone else. So thanks again for taking the time and trying to help us with our problems, Chanelle.


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        Allan R You're welcome Allan.

        Well, if you're not religious, glad you can try other suggestions.

        Since she's not attracted to you physically, how are you? Do you workout? Have you kept your weight down? Are you healthy and fit? Are you on a health conscious diet? Some women, just like men, look upon the ill-kept with disdain. Like women, men also don't like it when their partner / spouse allows their looks to go. It's not just appearance but a reflection of internal health, too. Hope you are taking good care of yourself.

        Sounds like there are some major trust issues going on between you two. Both of you don't trust each other. Hope both of you can discuss this and earn each others trust over time. It's wishful thinking but I hope it can be a reality someday.

        Glad you can think of activities to do with your wife.

        Since your wife refuses to attend professional marriage counseling sessions or appointments with you, going by yourself is better than nothing. Your wife is in denial if she thinks only you need to go.

        If your marriage continues on this same track for however long you can remain patient, you'll have to ask yourself someday if your marriage had run its course. Of course, I want your marriage to succeed but if your wife continues to be uncooperative with you at every turn, you'll have to ask yourself how much longer you can tolerate and remain patient. Only you will know the answer.

        "If you bungle raising your children, whatever else you do well in life doesn't matter very much."


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          Her behavior is sketchy and that of an unfaithful wife. Closing the laptop quick so you cant see what she's doing. Wont tell you where she's going when she goes out and gets defensive when you ask. Wont allow herself to be on the google family tracking. Lost all interest in you and is just going through the motions. All screams that she is seeing someone else. She is also trying to turn it all around on you making you believe its your fault when it isn't. You are doing to much for her and she doesn't care. She already see's your marriage as over if she thinks its all a facade. I wouldn't bother doing anything for her if she doesn't appreciate it. Don't waste your time and energy anymore. You need to find out what she is up to.
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            Thanks to both of you for your advice.

            Yes, I am quite fit and healthy. That is actually another tension point. We used to go hiking together regularly and enjoyed that. But for some time we have problems with our knees. So one day she just told me that it was over in terms of hiking. I was so shocked that she simply took that as a fact, as if there is nothing she can do about it and I felt that it did not really matter to her anyway.

            I do exercises and remain quite active with cycling to keep my knees fine, whereas she does not. She is not obese or anything like that and looks very good (in my eyes at least) but she does not work out at all. She said that her physio told her that she can't do anything about her knee, not even exercises. But I don't believe that. She hasn't even seen a doctor about it either, which I only recently found out.

            We took a short walk recently and suddenly she held her chest and said that she did not feel well. I was a bit annoyed because I thought that it has to do with the fact that she is unfit and asked in a not very nice tone "What's the story?". Later it turned out that the reason was that she simply had a coffee earlier in the morning. But my unfriendly words are the reason that she is mad at me for the last two month because I was inconsiderate with my question (I even apologiesed, but she did not accept my apology).

            Anyway, I will try to come up with some other activities and try to join her more with the things that she is doing. I hope in the end that will also help that she would attend the things I am interested in. And over time her trust in me becomes strong.

            @Dazed&Confused: I actually don't think that she has an affair. I don't think she would do that to me. But maybe I'm just naive. I don't know.


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              I am going away for a couple of weeks and won't be able to go on the internet. So please don't think that I am ignoring any other posts. Thanks


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                I read your post twice. She checked out of your marriage a long time ago. I think you just don't want to believe it or want to accept the possibility that there is another man because of how much you still love her. You're a good guy with so much to offer and you deserve so much better than the way she is treating you.


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                  Something strange is really going on with her. I agree with the suggestion that there might be infidelity involved. Or if not yet, the relationship has unraveled to a point of repulsion instead of attraction, and it could be just a matter of time. What you can consider is go to a weekend marriage getaway like A Weekend to Remember which you can check out at My friends and I attest to the effectiveness of the program, and there were cases where couples were actually at each others throat but got reconciled after the event. It takes place at different locations all over the country at different scheduled weekends. The organizer is faith-based but the seminar has a lot of practical suggestions and eye opening truths that are not even related to religion. Another program is called Hope Restored at It has fewer locations but one location might be close to where you are.


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                    Allan, first of all, congrats on trying to keep up with yout relationship even with so many problems. Your wife is a really lucky girl! Second, sorry for my english. Now, to the advice.
                    I recently read a book about a smiliar relationship, where the man was always trying to talk to his wife, but she was acting like a cactus, always protective and all, making sometimes people feel sad and all. I think that maybe her problem is something bigger, but perhaps it's a thing with her own self, "inside "things. Maybe she is sad because the life is not a fairy tale, or maybe she is starting to realize that the years are passing, and her life is a little bit meh. The passion for living and the passion with people, lovers or not, are always connected. Does she acts the same with your kids? She seems happy with other people? She only acts like this when you're around? If she is like this with everyone, then the problem is inside her. I would love to know more, because you seem to love her a lot, and I too love someone very similiar.
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