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My wife dislike that my college drive to work with me. *

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  • My wife dislike that my college drive to work with me. *

    My college from work lives next to us, and drive together to or from work when it suits because this person from work do not have a car. My wife see some of the actions from this college as disrespectful to she. I am not involved in this. It is not a jealousy or sexual challenge which threaten our relationship. My wife have told that she do not want that this college drive with me, to and from work, because of this.

    How would You react or reply to this ?

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    Your first priority as a husband is to respect and protect your wife and your marriage. If your colleague is disrespectful toward your wife you should tell your colleague to stop it immediately. If you want your marriage to last, you cannot say "I am not involved in this". That doesn't work.

    Since your wife asked you not to give your colleague a ride to work, you can explain to your colleague why you can no no longer ride with her and tell her what she can do to correct the situations.

    You say to your colleague,

    ".... My wife has told me that you have been disrespectful toward her. If you would like to continue riding with me to work you will have to repair things with my wife so that she is comfortable having you ride with me. Until that time, you will have to find another way to work...."


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      DuxAnima End carpooling politely with your colleague and remain firm. No means no and you can say it diplomatically. You are not responsible for your colleague's transportation.
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        If you have any loyalty and respect for your wife you would not be here asking. You would immediately stop letting your colleague ride with you.
        I say it as I see it. Don't take it personally!