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Long term with a not-so-beautiful girl

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  • Long term with a not-so-beautiful girl

    Hi everybody

    I know a girl for a couple of years. She is a very good girl, indeed: nice, caring, sociable, personable, educated. She loves me like mad. the only thing is that she is not physically as attractive as I have expected of a girl with whom I want to be in long-term relationship. Many other girls, I have been with, have been much more beautiful but none as caring and personable as she is.
    I wonder if it's OK to enter long-term relationship (possibly marriage) with a woman who is not as sexually attractive as you expect. I wonder how much physical/sexual appeal matters in the long run!

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    Are you currently having a good sex life with this woman or is that lacking?
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      Only you can know the answer to this. I place a very high value on physical attraction and sexual compatability to the point where I often date women who are severely lacking in all other aspects of the relationship. One of my best friends is very happy in his relationship with a woman who is extremely hideous looking. Itís something different for each person. But if youíre on here asking for advice then itís a sign that you arenít happy


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        I suppose that depends on what you want.

        PS: I couldn't resist adding this.