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He just can't trust me

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  • He just can't trust me

    So after ten months and giving up all of my independence for what I thought was the most incredible guy I'd ever met it turns out that thanks to his incredible ex girlfriends he doesn't trust me in the slightest. I've done everything that I can possibly think of to help him build that trust. He has full open access to my phone, had a phone tracking app to give him peace of mind about where I am, I take pictures when I'm out to prove who I am with and have hermitted myself to try to give him less opportunities to be worried about where I am and what I'm doing.

    Now after months of this he is telling me he doesn't know how he feels about me and that he's pretty sure I've cheated and done him wrong. I've offered to take a lie detector test to prove him wrong and he's having none of it.

    Im at my wit's end now I don't know what to do anymore. I love him more than I've ever loved another person in my whole life and he's the perfect other half of me.

    We aren't always like this but when we are it's so hard. I feel like he hates me sometimes and like no after what I do it's never going to be enough for him to see that I'm his forever and never want to go anywhere else because I have everything I could have ever dreamed of standing right in front of me.

    How can I make him believe me? I don't want to lose him because his head works in such a silly way. I need help.

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    Please tell me this is a joke. Is he rich or has nice abs? What makes you think he's your dream guy when you've got a tracker on you, no privacy and about to be placed on a lie detector? If you want a guest appearance on Jerry Springer, I think he's still airing. Please stop the circus you've been orchestrating on your own.


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      Cheaters don't like being cheated on...


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        My dear girl. You are an enabler. You enable him to be the quivering bowl of jelly he is and your enabling is so bad (by allowing him to treat you like you're on house arrest) that you've given up your self to appease his mental illness.

        This, if you're smart and with admirable self-worth, is what you should do: Suggest he get the psychological therapy he needs to come to terms with his past and if he won't do it, then you leave him and thereby stop enabling his psychosis.

        His treatment of you is abuse.
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          Agree with the ladies. Thereís nothing you can do that you havenít already done. He needs professional help and you should stay away until heís had at least 10 sessions and shows improvement.