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Hubby gets upset when I don't want sex all the time

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  • Hubby gets upset when I don't want sex all the time

    Been with hubby for over sixteen year's and have 3 great kids. The problem is he constantly wants sex and when he doesn't get it he gets arsey. I don't feel attractive and have put on a lot of weight. Very low self-esteem. It's got so bad he accuses me of not finding he attractive and of me wanting to be with someone else. He constantly checks my phone and e-mail. I love him so much but it's getting to the point where I want to say enough just pack your bags and find some one else.

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    Try seeing yourself through his eyes. While you might not feel attractive, he still sees you as desirable. Sex is also an awesome calorie burn. If weight is your issue, why are you so willing to overlook such a pleasurable exercise. It's one thing to occasionally say no because you are not physically feeling up to it but if your issue is not liking your body at present, say yes more. The hormones released during sex will actually help you feel more attractive.


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      Well, I disagree with that ^^^ I think most times, a woman has to be feeling sexy in her own body to be wanting to have sex. "They" don't call it "getting down to your bedroom weight" for nothing.

      Op: You, I'm sure, really don't want to give up your marriage over this. There is things you can do to make yourself feel sexy again which include the obvious like joining a gym (getting the heart beating and the blood flowing will increase your libido), losing weight (join Weight Watchers or any other weight loss support group); and the not so obvious like buying yourself something flattering from Victoria Secret, getting a new hair style or taking a class that will boost your confidence and self worth.

      There is also going to see your doctor and getting your hormones checked out to see if everything is at the right levels.

      If hubby isn't doing anything with you outside of the bedroom before coming onto you while inside the bedroom then that too could be a good reason why your libido is low.
      Are you on the pill? There is another reason why you may not be sussed to get bizzy ~ not to mention life in general getting in te way. When is the last time the two of you went away together without the kids?
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