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    *** also, yes, he has brought drugs before. And I talked with my bf about it, and expressed how I felt towards substance abuse. He has tried to hide that he smokes marijuana from me. Not that I have a particularly major problem with him smoking, but he smokes very frequently. The pills (and cocaine sometimes) are more of an issue for me. He states it is just recreational use
    A known cheater, drug abuser, drunk driver, stupid enough to ask "should I not have let her sleep over" when he's cheated before. WTF?

    Why would you purchase a home with a piss poor life partner like him? The chances are pretty high that you will lose the house when his pain pill/cocaine addiction sets in and all his money goes towards financing his addiction(s). He has no boundaries so chances are also very high that he will cheat on you again.

    Call your lawyer and see how much its going to cost you to get out of this deal or, if you can afford/qualify to buy it on your own and get his name off the deed and mortgage. Maybe your parents can go on title with you so that you qualify for the mortgage if you don't already.
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      Your focus is on this one night. Who cares what happened that night?
      He obviously was on cocaine or something to stay up all night.

      People that take drugs together look out for each other in the short term.
      Cocaine doesn't necessarily promote promiscuity but if he took drugs with another and she is not as used to them as he clearly is then he will call her 3 times to ensure she is ok.

      Whats worrying about your post is that you are more concerned about this girl than his drug abuse.

      He can use these drugs recreationally and not become addicted. But it doesn't matter. He hides the amount he uses from you and that's the problem here!

      There is no trust. So why on earth would you sign up for a mortgage with someone who will use any excuse , even his grandmothers death to cheat on you? What's the next excuse that you are willing to forgive?

      How many partners have you lived with? How many have committed to you? I'm guessing none and this guy is not committing to you either.

      You know what you need to do.


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        if you opt to stay with this guy, be prepared for a lonely lifetime of pain and suffering. once a druggy lieing cheater always a duggy lieing cheater with no respect for his girlfriend /wife

        i suggest you end this relationship and find a guy doesn't do drugs, lie and cheat on you. there are many normal men available