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Do I just run or has my boyfriend committed a crime and I should report him?

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  • Do I just run or has my boyfriend committed a crime and I should report him?

    My bf of several years has had a history of lying about his finances to me. Bottom line, after much investigation, I've learned he used his elderly mother's credit cards for restaurants, liquor stores (often), food stores and even a car wash (in the middle of the winter), but not always paid her credit card accounts on time so in addition to a lot of interest, there are late fees. He is her power of attorney and she doesn't have much money of her own. He is her only child and she is a widow but isn't this illegal or at least unethical? He was unemployed for several months and I can't tell if his usage of one of the cards was only during this time or not but I do know that he used her other card to pay his car insurance and even his concierge doctor well before he was unemployed! What is a broke person going to a concierge doctor for anyway??!!!

    What should I do?? HELP!!!!!

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    Well, that's where one has to be cautious when picking a someone as your Power of Attorney. Its imperative that you choose someone who is trustworthy.

    I'd dump his as and tell his mother what he's been doing.
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      Be forewarned, he will be your undoing in your future. If he's criminal and fraudulent against his own mother, you're fair game, too. I'd talk to his mother, too and ditch the loser.
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        Would you want to be associated with a man who would take advantage of his own mother? What do you tell your friends and family when this comes to light? Would you be able to tell them that you KNEW about it and BENEFITED from it?

        Of course you have to run.

        And you can make an anonymous report to the ELDER abuse hotline. This is financial abuse and, hopefully, social services in your area has the ability to intervene.

        Good luck