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I Want to Fatten Up My Girlfriend

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  • I Want to Fatten Up My Girlfriend

    I have always found it very attractive when a girl has a bit of a belly. I like it when girls pig out and eat what they want. I think weight gain is attractive. My girlfriend is amazing in every way and I love her to death. The only thing that she is lacking is a plump little tummy. I kind of want to fatten her up. What should I do?

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    You're the same troll that started the thread on your girlfriend getting fat on the cruise ship.
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      You shouldn't encourage someone to gain weight unless they're unhealthily thin. Encourage her instead to just be happy and eat whatever she wants in moderation! Tell her the truth, that you really love her body and her curves, because most women think all men want them to be skinny and toned. But don't encourage her to become "fat", I'm not shaming fat people I just don't think one should tamper with their weight in any direction just to be attractive to the opposite sex.


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        What should I do?
        Hows about you stop wasting our time with your weight obsessions.
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          Dump the skinny girlfriend and get a fat girlfriend.
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