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Would this scare you? Would your spouse ever day this?

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  • Would this scare you? Would your spouse ever day this?

    I am new here. My background is I have been engaged for a year and my fiancé is quite dramatic. We broke up once and I was stupid. I hired someone to retweet out one of the STUPID things he wrote on some woman's Facebook page. He's a professional and he said something horribly disrespectful. I had someone retweet it out from a third party because I was so angry that I thought he was cheating on me. I immediately had them take it down. I realized I shouldn't have done that..

    I told him when we got back together that I was so angry and that I had done that and he was like WHY.....any woman would be MORE drawn to me when they see that from me. (his response was disgusting)

    Anyway, this background is necessary because more than a year later (now) he got a few bad reviews on his google page for his business. He suggestsd that "I" did them. Of course I didn't! We are together and these poor reviews were from his professional work. I don't know much about that! He just wanted to blame me.

    Tonight he said that he was so angry that another one happened and he said "you didn't do that did you?" I said NO! My God. I would never. I want you to succeed. He said well I just wonder...then he said "whomever is doing it... I hope they die. I hope they die a horribly painful death. I want JUSTICE and I KNOW I will get justice"

    Once before he was mad that I wanted to come clean on an issue that I thought was dishonest that he was involved in and he said if you hurt me... if you come after me with a spade...I will hit back hard with a machete..."

    Again -- he talks crap a lot about EVERYONE. I am not immediately fearful for my life...however....this is not easy to hear.

    What would you think about this? Is this just his drama again? Or would you be fearful?

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    I'm curious - are you attracted to these displays? Or do you find them unattractive?


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      I'm not attracted to them... I just found it's typical now of him...


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        Well I’m a little fearful for you, I think violence can escalate very quickly and although he might not be a bad guy, he sure does need to work on how he speaks to you. Does he respect you? Does he treat you right in all other aspects?


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          He is disrespectful to me. That's pretty consistent when anything comes up. He says communicating with me is impossible and says I have "problems thinking clearly" at times. But, I can't say that I think he's going to MURDER me....although he certainly does like to say things to scare me.


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            If he didn't kill you after you hired someone to diss him on social media by hiring someone to retweet his stupidity then I don't think he'll kill you now however; he sounds like a bit of a douche to be honest.
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              These are all bad signs, Martilee. If I were you I'd sidestep this mess carefully. You're only engaged, not married, and you're already having doubts about his character.


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                Originally posted by martilee View Post
                .....He is disrespectful to me. ....... and he certainly does like to say things to scare me.
                That's enough to conclude he's not the right guy for you. In addition, he seems to have some serious professional shortfalls. Most people don't bother to post a critical review unless they were REALLY disappointed.

                What is his profession?


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                  Definite red flags with this guy. He's a no go. Cancel the engagement IMHO. The real question is this: "Do YOU want to spend the rest of your life with someone who disrespects and dishonors you?" That is what you have to live with. Get out now and run for the hills. He sounds like a jerk.
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                    "I will hit back hard with a Machete"! Yes, that would definitely scare me!!