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Am I in love?

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  • Am I in love?

    Hey for everyone! I think that I'm in love with my best friend! I really like to spend time with her! I think about her all time! I found this article and everythink is coincides. I'm afraid to tell about my feelongs, because what if I will lost her..
    I don't know what to do...

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    It depends on the risk. It can go either way. You can ask her out for a date and she could tell you that she's not interested in a relationship and prefers to remain just friends or it could go in your favor and you can eventually become a BF/GF couple. If she declines the date, tell her friendship is fine with you IF you don't want to lose her. Then, tell her you'd like to go out for lunch or dinner strictly as friends only while honoring and respecting her wishes. Be honest and truthful. No mind games and head trips. Be a gentleman. If she just wishes to remain friends, don't get together too frequently. Respect her time and space. You'll be proud of yourself for your good behavior while she'll admire and respect you, too.
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