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    contemplating breaking up with boyfriend, or maybe going on a break, but I'm worried because I'm pretty sure he has a couple naked photos of me on his phone in some kind of protected safe app. what if he gets mad or drunk one night and decides to ruin my life? when we first started dating over a year ago, he warned me that he has a temper, but I've really only seen it come out when something really gets under his skin or in the bedroom. any advice?

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    You could ask him to delete the photos before you break up with him.

    You could tell him you heard from a friend about someone who used those kind of photos in a nasty way and advised everyone to not let your partners (or anyone) have those kinds of pictures.

    If he objects, you can use whatever leverage you have. No sex, could shoulder, threaten to leave. Or you could ask for pictures of him to keep just in case.

    Good luck.

    PS: I hope you learn from this to NEVER give anyone those kinds of pics.
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      You'll get to a point where the bad part of your situation isn't as bad anymore as actually being with that person. If you are that concerned about the photos he already has, I wouldn't bother getting them back or erasing them. Simply screw around one day and while you are having fun together or drunk, ask him to gallop around the house naked like a pony and record it on video. Get him to tie a bright ribbon around his naked dick and give him a cowboy hat, get good footage of him and then repeat with a different scenario and take photos also. Laugh about it afterwards and show them to him so he knows you took them but not before copying them onto a hard drive somewhere else in case he demands you delete them. Enjoy.


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        ... or you could do the mature thing and just ask him to delete the photos or ask for some of him for leverage as pollon suggests and I he won't do it then you can have him up on charges should he submit them to the internet without your permission.

        Here is one link that talks about "Revenge Porn" and where in the states it's applicable. Not sure where you live so If you're not in the States then just google "Revenge Porn Laws" and put in your own area to see what comes up.

        And, yes. I do hope this as taught you that you don't do photos like that especially if they are showing your face to anyone.
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