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CONTENT: Basic Datiquette

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    Re: CONTENT: Basic Datiquette

    Just do what you feel and act with confidence -


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      Re: CONTENT: Basic Datiquette

      Nice your froum site to content...........


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        Re: CONTENT: Basic Datiquette

        My opinion in red

        - How should I behave? How shouldn't I behave? Always be respectful! Don't act as if she owes you for having a date with her. And no, don't assume that she's gonna sleep with you
        - I'm nervous, should I play it cool, or should I mention it? Be honest so mention it, she'd find it adorable
        - Where do I draw the line of tackiness? Should I be opening doors ALL the time? Yes! Chivalry is still not dead.
        - Some asshole walks up to our table and asks me if I would like to buy the lady a rose... Oh god, what now?!?!? Tell the asshole you don't need the rose because it will look very pale in comparison to your lady
        - How defensive need I get if someone starts hitting on her? Yeah, stick up for her and everything, but if it looks like he might get rowdy, should I kick his ass or walk away? walk away with your girl. ignore.
        - How should we dress? What if I'm relatively under/overdressed when we meet? Do you discuss this beforehand??? it's a date so of course you plan. try to dress up in a really neutral, like a polo shirt can be casual and semi-formal
        - Who pays and when? offer to pay the bill, if she insists, split
        - What if we discuss beforehand not to let any of these silly awkward situations ruin the fun? then don't!


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          Re: CONTENT: Basic Datiquette

          I think if it's the first date, the guy should always offer to pay by taking the check and paying for it. if she asks you how much she owes you, brush it off and tell her that she can get you "next time" (it hints the 2nd date!) if she insists then let her pay for tip.


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            Basic etiquette and very important should be:

            1. Make an effort to look your best. You don't have to wear expensive clothes to impress a woman, but look presentable. I just had 2 dates with a guy who made no effort. He was wearing the same clothes as he was at home or during his Sunday chores.
            2. Please please, smell nice. It doesn't have to strong cologne or even anything. As long as there is no mild body odor or any smell on the discomforting side, it is all good.
            3. DO NOT text or use your phone on a date. Had this happened to me again twice. He just starting texting without even apologizing. Even if a guy does that with no intention of being rude, it is disrespectful.
            4. Be a good listener and listen to what she says and remember it.
            5. Don't make the whole conversation just about you even if she is showing huge interest. Take time to also get to know her by asking her questions.
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