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Would you ask a celebrity on a date, provided that they were single?

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  • Would you ask a celebrity on a date, provided that they were single?

    If you had a crush on someone who was relatively famous (not necessarily internationally famous; they could be a local celebrity, such as a host at a local tv or radio station, or a published author, an artist, a YouTuber etc.), and they mentioned in an interview that they were single, would you ever think about asking them on a date or telling them that you like them in a romantic way? Or would you consider, from the very beginning, that you would not stand a chance because of the prejudiced thinking that celebrities don't usually date regular folks?

    Share your thoughts on the matter in this thread.

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    Do we know this hypothetical celebrity, I mean personally? Have we met them and had actual conversations with them?
    Or is our hypothetical infatuation based on a fairy tale that we've concocted in our minds, based on their radio/ tv/ internet persona?

    Scenarion 1, yes, why not. Ask them out.
    Scenarion 2: absolutely not. There are not feelings for this person, and to this person you are a complete stranger, a potential stalker at that.
    Crushes on celebrities are acceptable when you're in high school, but anyone with the emotional maturity above that of a potato should be able to distinguish real feelings for imaginary ones.
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