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Iím whipped, and she says she doesnít have feelings! But ...

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  • Iím whipped, and she says she doesnít have feelings! But ...

    Hello! Iím new here and need opinions from people that I do not know! I meet this girl about 6-months ago through a mutual friend. She flirted with me right away and has a boyfriend that is almost twice her age. Theyíve been dating for 3+ years but he doesnít treat her how a woman should be properly treated from my views. Anyway, we have gotten closer in the past few months and have been hanging out at least 1-2 times a week. Her boyfriend gets jealous as anyone would but I have fallen hard for her. She knows how I feel but told me we will never be together like that because she doesnít have feelings for me like that. We go to Dinner and Movies regularly and I pay because I want her to realize what she has in front of her. It doesnít bother me that I pay. What bothers me is when she will take pics of me and put hearts and stuff, she sends me pics of her and allows me to keep them on my phone,I carry her purse for her too, she will get a little touchy such as placing her hand on me, in the movies she will get close, sometimes but rarely I am able to grab her ass or thigh. Sometimes she will message me she misses me. We do things that couples do and she asks sometimes if it feels like we are dating. Iím just very confused but she and I are both best friends. I am just wondering if you think I will ever have a chance? She has me to the point where I donít find any other woman attractive, Only her. Please comment what you think and if you have any questions! Thanks everyone!

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    Oh you poor, naive little boy.

    Dude, she's using you. She's not interested in you and never will be. But she keeps you around because you treat her nicely and boost her ego.
    She will give you just enough in return to keep you hopelessly infatuated with her, but she will never give you more than this.

    You need to cut this parasite out of your life. It's the only way to be free of her. No more dates, no more texting, not following her on social media. Just stop.
    You can't control the waves, but you can learn to surf


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      Why have you posted this twice? As i said in your other post, you are a complete idiot for falling for her bullshit. Wake up and realize she is using you for what she can get out of you. SHE HAS A Boyfriend. BACK OFF
      I say it as I see it. Don't take it personally!