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  • Does she sound interested?

    Hi all, my first post on here was about a situation with a girl who I went out with. I backed off like everyone advised me to do. I sent her a snap last Friday, and she promptly responded and we talked casually for a little while. Later on Friday night, she sent me a text. She texted me first. She said: Hey, I just want to appologize for kind of ghosting you. You didnt deserve that. Honestly, Ive just been going through it recently and needed to work on some personal things. Youre an amazing guy and I had so much fun on our date. I do hope we can go out on another date in the near future, but right now Im just not ready for all that. I hope you understand.

    I responded Hey, I understand completely. Ive been there too, I get exactly where youre coming from. I had a really great time with you too, youve got a very contagious smile. I hope we can do it again soon!

    I left it at that. I just want to know how you guys interpret this. Honestly, shes a great girl. Like I said in my first post, we had an awesome first date. She admitted she had been MIA, then texted me again a week later explaining everything and told me she wants to go out on another date. This was last Friday when we texted. Ill be finished with school a week before she is, and plan on maybe snapping her when Im home, not asking her out BUT dropping a hint that Im home. If she replies, well talk casually, and Ill call her the next day maybe, asking her to go out.

    I havent talked to her since last friday, and dont plan on it at least for the rest of the week. I want to play this cool and respect her boundaries, but also want to keep her interested. Is there any insight that you guys can help me with? Thank you for all the great advice in the past. I tend to overthink at times.

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    I would suggest you give her space. She said she is not ready "for all that". That's your cue to back off. Keep her on social media so you are keeping the door open, but don't contact her directly for awhile. I would say to give it a couple of months, and then contact her to see how she's doing.


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      JPaul32 She said she's not ready to go out on another date so back off. Don't bother and pester her otherwise you'll chase her away permanently. Respect and honor her wishes and hopefully, when she's ready, she'll come around and eventually become enthusiastic to date you again.

      Follow her cue and stay out of her way. She needs to work on her personal life so respect her privacy, time and space. She'll reach out to you when she's ready to go out on another date with you. In the meantime, lie low and focus on your own life and get busy enjoying what you do.
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        This was her way of letting you down easy.
        Like others have said, don't initiate contact with her. And don't keep your hopes up, because as it stands nothing is happening with her.
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          She was letting you down gently. Its the classic line 'you're a really great guy, but i'm just not ready for it'. Move on from her because it's not going to happen with her.
          I say it as I see it. Don't take it personally!