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  • Is he interested?

    I was at a friend’s party and a guy I like came up to me and said hi and was smiling. We chatted a lot and had a laugh. At one point I moved on to some other friends and he also came over too. He would look at me if I spoke to another guy. He even said ‘my dear’ at one point in the conversation which confused me. Is he interested?

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    Angel29 He was charming when he said 'my dear' to you. Try not to be presumptuous. Wait and give it time. He if he makes a move to get to know you better and after friendship develops beyond friends, then you'll know if he's seriously interested in you or not.
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      He was being friendly.
      Don't assume anything unless he asks you out on a date.
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        Agree with Ayla. He was just being friendly. Give it more time. See what happens.
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          It's subtle but I'd say yes, he enjoys your company. If you like him, reciprocate the gestures and flirt with him.