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Please help me figure this girl out...

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  • Please help me figure this girl out...

    So just a warning before I tell this story, it is about to get crazy. (Just to clear everything out, I am female)

    So I have been dating this girl for about six months. Everything moved really fast, after a game night with some of friends she and I... took some one on one time.
    I am a sailor, my uncle has his own boat and he pays me monthly when I go with him every 2 weeks. We go fishing and sell those fish to another party, so I am not home as much as she would like.
    She actually loves me being away, she says it gives her freedom. Now I agree that everyone needs personal space.

    I wish that I could figure her out. When we kinda broke up one day because she told me, "This relationship is only working because you have money", I guess something inside of me snapped and I just broke it off right there.
    I started hanging out with his other girl who is really sweet and patient, but we didn't do anything romantic at all. When my "girlfriend" found out she got so mad she came to my house when I was sitting with the sweet girl.
    When I opened the door she basically jumped inside of the house and started punching and kicking me. When she saw the other girl she assumed that I was doing something with her. My girlfriend got so mad she actually stabbed me with a fork in my arm.

    Now I spent everyday with my girlfriend and I stopped going on the boat because I am scared she will do something bad to other people if I leave her side. I don't see my friends anymore, I am just around her. Now my question is,
    Do I talk about my feelings with her or do I need to become more dominant? My older sister told me that I needed to become more dominant for my own sake, but the rest of my family is telling me I need to leave her.
    I really like this girl, our relationship went so fast but I just can't imagine a life without her, I love her.

    What should I do?

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    You love a girl that physically assaulted you and stabbed you, ultimately trying to kill you? And now you've become a quiet timid shell, succumbing to being her puppet and lapdog. You seriously need some backbone because you have got none. You should've reported her the police and had her sectioned. You are a complete fool for letting her inflict that kind of fear into you, so much so that you do nothing now. Do you really want to live like this? You didn't need to write a forum, you already know what you need to do. You need this girl out of your life, fast.
    I say it as I see it. Don't take it personally!


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      Thank you for your response. I will try to leave as soon as I can. I just wish I wouldn't hurt her in the process, but I guess my happiness matters as well. Thank you again.


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        I realised my comment sounded a little harsh, but I honestly meant no offence. You deserve sooo much better than that. She's violent and manipulative and has stopped you basically living your life. Stop letting her control you. Best of luck
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        I say it as I see it. Don't take it personally!


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          Am I missing something here? She made a comment about you being her sugar mammy and "[you] just broke it off right there" (post #1, paragraph 3). If you broke it off, it means it's over, done, kaput. She's not your girlfriend anymore. The relationship is already over. Make up your mind and mean what you say. I don't think this ex takes you seriously and it's not hard to see why. You sort of waffled all over the series of events. She is not your "girlfriend" if the relationship is over and you broke it off.

          If you "love her" stop hanging around with sweet girls and inviting that drama. Take the time to grieve the the relationship not working out and stop flirting or spending time with other women in the romantic sense. Hang out with your friends, go sailing or fishing, do other things with your life. Give yourself time to absorb what just happened and don't let it happen again.


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            Pipkins You need to let her know it's time for you to leave the relationship. She's very aggressive, violent, turbulent and as long as you do as she expects, she will not harm you. She's controlling you and you are her puppet. She is the puppet master. Leave her for your own safety. Remaining with her is at your own risk for danger. Be smart and use your head. Punching you, kicking you and stabbing you with a fork is NOT love.
            "If you bungle raising your children, whatever else you do well in life doesn't matter very much."