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  • Re Attraction Success, Now What?

    Hi all, i posted on here a few weeks ago because the girl I was seeing suddenly became distant. 9 days ago we spoke and agreed to stop seeing one another as she's not ready for a commitment and I wasn't happy with how she had been cancelling dates with me. I finished the conversation with grace and said to get in contact if she wants to hang out again. At that point I started no contact but just 4 days later she messaged me saying she has some of my stuff, do I want it? I said she can post it or we can meet and she chose the latter. She wanted to meet that night but I pushed it back another 4 days. Last night we met and I had her smiling and laughing the whole night she was even saying things like 'this is so hard for me because I still have feelings for you' and I've never met anyone like you' she wanted to stay at mine but she couldn't because she had work in the morning but said 'next time'. As I walked her to the station we kissed and again when we said goodbye. I've got this far I'm just wondering how I go about it from here do I continue with no contact and let her chase seeing as it was mostly her idea to stop seeing one another or not?

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    Keep up the no contact. She said she wasn't ready for a commitment and then she says she wanted to spend the night at your house. This is erratic and flighty behavior. Run, Dude.
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      Sorry-I'm not sensing enough there to go on to pursue if you're looking for commitment from her or some type of monogamous relationship but she does appear hotblooded or horny. I'm reading from her words and behaviour that she thinks you're interesting in some ways and totally not doing it for her in others. She thinks you're boring or unreliable (not saying this to hurt you) and the interest has waned with the exception of random sex. I don't think you should allow her to chase you at all or let her chase and ignore it. The main issue is that she's not into you as a full package deal for whatever her reasons. And for that reason, she's not a good fit. You'll hurt yourself in the process thinking you can change her mind and I don't think this is mutually respectful of both of you.
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        If you want an Eff buddy... She's your girl.
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