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Why does want me back? Caution long post

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  • Why does want me back? Caution long post

    I'm new to the forum, I am not a dancer, a cam worker, a club employee or a club patron. I am the hapless civilian who for better or worse fell in love with a dancer. Obviously the names are not our actual names but the city's and club names are real, please if you figure out who either one of us are do not acknowledge it. For purposes of this narrative call me Dobie, I'm going to call her Zelda, the name Zelda does not come from a video game.

    I met Zelda about 2 years ago, at the time she wasn't a dancer. We met through a mutual friend who I hooked back up with after moving back to San Antonio from the North West. She needed someone with a truck to help her move and it just so happened that I not only had a truck but I used to hire it out to help people move or make dump runs or whatever was needed. After moving her stuff I stayed and helped her clean the place up and we got to know each other. Over the next year and a half we became close friends in fact we became best friends. Over that time she became one of about 4 people who knew that I am bisexual, to this day I honestly think that she thinks that really means that I'm actually gay.

    Everybody who knew us warned me that she was just using me for money but I didn't have any money. Then about a year ago my grandmother passed away and left me with a decent amount of money which took 9 months to receive. In the meantime Zelda started dancing at the Palace in San Antonio, she said that she was only going to dance for 6 months. She was constantly bringing home strays, by that I mean anybody who had a hard luck story and no place to stay. 90% of the time these folks would not only not pay her what they promised but took anything that wasn't nailed down on their way out. I worried about her constantly. After she started dancing and before I received my inheritance she was evicted from her house and moved into an extended stay hotel. Now I worried even more, she was barely able to pay for the room so she turned to dancing. She had danced before and had talked about it on an off the entire time that I have known her.

    Zelda is the kind of girl who takes 6 hours to get ready to go somewhere. She would call me and say that she wanted to go to the club at 4, so I rush over (if I don't she will pester me and tell me that I'm making her late. When I got there she is still getting ready, if I mentioned the time or suggested that she might want to hurry then she snaps at me and says she doesn't want to rush. Often, when she wanted to go in at 4, she wouldn't get there until 10 and have to pay a larger house fee or get turned away at the door. I have learned not to make plans as I would have to cancel them every time. Ultimately the Palace asked her not to return.

    She took a couple of weeks off to let her breast augmentation, that I "lent" her the money for, heal. By this time I have the money from my grandmother's inheritance and I'm paying for the room, which I'm staying in with her, and her storage unit. At the beginning of July this year (2018) I suggested that we check out the DFW metroplex, we traveled to Dallas and she tried Rick's North, she thought it ok but wanted to try Dallas. I don't know if she is truly naive or so blinded by dollar signs that she throws judgment out the window (in the interest of full disclosure I am partly to blame for the events laid out in the next bit, I fell asleep when I should have been on high alert). She met this guy at QT while I was pumping gas, he told her that she could make a ton of money on YouTube and if we met him in his room at the Marriott, long story short; he stole my new laptop, my debit card, her phone and $300 cash that she had just earned at Rick's. He skipped on the room and the hotel suggested that we might be responsible for the bill because we were in the room, he also hid the keys to the truck. After searching for them for several hours the hotel called the police to escort us off the property, it turned out that I had a warrant and was invited to join them in downtown Fort Worth where I was given 10 days free room and board.

    When they let me out 10 days later it was 2 am and my phone was dead, so all I could do was start walking to Dallas, that's where she was going and she had my truck. Keep in mind I'm an old fat white guy who looks like hell run over and stinks to high heaven. I was about to walk down Lancaster (not a healthy place for an old fat white guy). While I was in jail I had an epiphany, I realized that sometime in the last six months I had fallen in love with Zelda. I finally found an outlet and charged my phone, I used my T-Mobile auto sync to locate my truck and ordered a Lyft.

    Zelda & I have never been intimate, she always said that she was saving herself for marriage. When Zelda and I were reunited I said something that I can't ever take back and will change my life forever. Men, I can warn any of you reading this take my warning; never ask the question unless you are damn sure of the answer

    I asked Zelda to marry me, without missing a beat she said "no". I was crushed, dejected I returned to San Antonio to await my court date. On the way to San Antonio I sent several very hurtful texts to her, I was hurting and lashing out.

    One of the things she said to me was "how could we get married? We've never had sex " ??? How were we supposed to have sex before we got married if she was saving herself for marriage?

    Somehow we got past that and I came back to Dallas to stay a few days. While I was there she told me that she had this guy coming over for a while, she needed to be at work at 11, she could barely tolerate this guy and he was kind of gruff so I might want to not be there when he arrived. Being a friend I gave her the space she requested. When I called to see if she was ready for work she flipped out on me and said that she had found someone that she was interested in and that I should be happy for her and to give her the space she asked for. Once agin I head back to san Antonio. Now I'm in possession of all of her worldly possessions because her storage unit was in my name and she was behind on payments. I have emptied her unit but most of it has been destroyed by rain. All of the personal stuff like photos I have given to her mom, whom she hates. 2 days ago she contacted me and wants to get back together even suggests that I can the same job up there that I have here. The questions I have are:
    1. Should I give the rest of the photo albums to her mom? Or give them to her?
    2. Do I trust her, she so obviously does not have my feelings in heart?
    3. Why does want me back?

    Sorry for the long story, there's more but it is little independent stories all their own.

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    You're not really hapless. You just choose to be. Those are all first world problems.
    1) Burn them, use your truck like you always do for dumping trash etc; this shouldn't even be an issue
    2) No and remove your self-confidence from the gutter
    3) She isn't reliable or interested in you and it's uncertain why she's with you based on her past behaviour; in other words she's a flaky/trashy ho with fake tits. Move on.
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