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Is she attracted to me

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  • Is she attracted to me

    Theres this girl that i aways see looking at me. In class, when we walk past eachother around the school at recess and lunch. Ive seen her turn 180 degrees to discreetly look at me. Shes also a relatively quite softly spoken girl. I highly doubt this is coincidental.

    I did have one decent conversation with her when i luckily happened to be around the same place as her on the way to school.
    Its been 9 weeks and this whole time ive been wanting to sit next to her in class or spares but havent done so once.

    ive messaged her on instagram and she usually aways replies after an extended period of time. Her responses arent usually long but whenever i ask her a question she gives her reply followed by you or u.
    I havent seen any signs to suggest she isnt interested in real life.

    I really feel like she has some sort of attraction for me but id just like some responses to maybe confirm or debunk my view.

    Also i know this would be much clearer if i just wasnt so nervous to approach her.

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    bakismarsh The next time you see her, ask her out for a coffee or lunch break. Get to know her as a friend and get to know her better. Keep it casual and easy going. Relax!
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      Yes, talk with her and see where it goes..relax like Chanelle says and smile a bit more. Definitely pick a seat next to her in class!


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        Also i know this would be much clearer if i just wasnt so nervous to approach her.
        Pretend you're hiding behind your computer screen and next time you see her looking at you, go over and ask her out for a bite to eat.
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