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  • Am I over thinkingv

    I need some major advise right now. My partner and I got together at the age of 14 we are now 21. We got engaged last year and getting married next year. We have not currently moved out and are trying to save for both whilst living apart at our parents. Literally the hardest thing ever. He is sooooo crap with money so I am I the only one who has access to the savings. I feel soooo stressed trying to sort finding somewhere to live. (Not that my parents are kicking me out or anything) but for the sake of our relationship we need to move our plus I want to live together before we get married. Every week we argue about moving out money balbakaba and itís soooo draining. I feel like I am the only one who generally cares, when I try and talk to him about it heís get the jump and tells me to stop going on. We get married in one year... however 2 months ago I found messages between him and these girls they were flirty but not x rated however i am really struggling to come to terms on why would he do that to me? We are on ok terms now but itís not the point. We was thinking of buying a house together as thatís what I sooooo want to do but with money situation and what he done and the mad rush to get out I donít know what more I can do. I have stressed abou this time and time again. The more I think the more I feel like about trying to sort the money situation out. Helpp

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    You two are far too young, far too immature to be thinking of marriage or buying property together.
    Even living together sounds like a stretch.

    Please both focus on growing as a person and becoming fully functioning adults before making any huge committments like marriage or house ownership.
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      Don't make the mistake of marrying too young. You guys have been together a long long time, but from ages 21-30 people do the most changing and growing. I was engaged at 21, now 25, and the person that I was then is nowhere near who I am now. I have completely changed for the better, as my taste in men has as well.


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        Apart from the obvious answer that you're both not compatible, what do your parents think about your fiance? I'm curious if your respective parents get along.


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          If you're going to play house with this guy then he needs some structure and guidance far more than what you've been doing while trying to control him.

          Get yourself to a financial planner and have them iron out a budget that the two of you can stick to. If he doesn't stick to it then you're an idiot to marry him. You will be angry at him your whole life together and that's going to be hell on BOTH of you.
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