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Am I having an affair?

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  • Am I having an affair?

    I'm married. The man in question and I have been chatting on a regular basis for maybe three months. We've exchanged a few pictures, one risque one (not nude). We've talked about many personal and intimate subjects involving everything from life goals to marriage to past traumas. We connect very well and like each other. We've spoken on the phone for an hour and a half one time. He is single (this is a fact) and he's 10 years older than me.

    I find him very attractive and am emotionally confused. I have tried to break with him several times but he says to think of us as "friends". He lives on the other side of the world. We will never meet. He wants to get to know me and share mundane details about life as well as deep topics. We enjoy chatting.

    I've had friendships on the internet before but I've never considered them affairs. This one I'm not sure about.

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    You are having an emotional affair. By the way, what is attractive about someone being emotionally confused?
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      If you're sending risque photos of yourself to another man then you're cheating on your husband. What is missing in your marriage that makes you addicted to the attentions of this turd you're carrying on with?

      Is your husband a gaming addict that ignores you so you seek out attention from other men? What's up?
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        Blue103 Yes you are. You're deceiving your husband and betraying his trust in you. Focus on your marriage and husband. Confide in him; not some stranger on the Internet. Get your priorities straight.
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          100% cheating. Why would you do that to your husband has he done this to you? Does he not show you affection? Id 100% end the chats with this bloke you obviously feel guilty. End it