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  • Girl I work with.

    Hi all. So 2 weeks ago the company I work for hired a new girl. She came in for a trial day with me and instantly we hit it off like we had known each other for years. For myself I felt an instant attraction to her, much like I did for my ex fiance when I met her. Since then we have worked 2 days together, we laugh, flirt, work hasn't been this fun in forever. We text each other every night as well, a little bit of work but mainly personal stuff. Sometimes we can text each other for 2 hours a night. The other night I fessed up and told her I liked her, I wasn't sure how she would take it, but she said thanks for been honest with her. I asked her if she liked me to and her reply was maybe. She said to me it was to early to tell, that she has met guys in the past who she thought were good then she turned out to be naive and now her untrustworthy side comes out. She had a really messy legal breakup with her ex, she's been single for 1 1/2 years now, we have so much in common it's crazy. I asked her out to the movies and for a drink and she said yes to both,but she starts her other job this week so will be working 6 days a week, she said to me next week we could go to the movies, as she wants to find her routine in both jobs as they are new for her. I'm a bit sick of the chasing so I didn't text her for a day or so and she texted me, but it was work stuff and it was after work, she said she loves working together with me. So my question is does this chick legit like me, and is been honest about too early to tell etc or not interested romantically with me ? We work together 2 days a week and I'm her boss if you can all it that, I know the sayings about work and romance but I legit like this girl. Any advice people ? Thanks.

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    jastav1 Slow down. You're moving too fast for her. Take it slower. Establish friendship first and have her run the pace, not you otherwise you're perceived as chasing her. You don't want it to backfire and chase her away! Give it time. Remain professional at work. Don't over do it with texting. Generally, people are attracted to some mystery as opposed to bombarding each other with texts 24 / 7. Give some healthy space between you two. If you don't, both of you will burn out quickly. Back off, be nice but don't over do it.

    Respect where she's coming from. She's remaining cautious due to her past breakup. Be more easy going, slow down and don't suffocate her with excessive correspondence. Give her SPACE and TIME. Remain gracious and back off.
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      You're irresponsible and should not be anyone's boss!