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Is there a possibility for a future?

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  • Is there a possibility for a future?

    I need some advice, if you don't mind. Thanks in advance!

    I met this guy in May 2017. We met online and seemed to hit it off. After about 2 or 3 weeks of talking and texting, we decided to meet in person. We went out on 6 dates in about 2 months, lunches, dinners, and were having fun, but there was something off between us. No red flags or anything, just there seemed to be a wall between us. We got along great, but it was like neither one of us were opening up. He ended up saying that he felt I was too into him. I thought it was strange because I thought he was a nice guy, but I wasnt feeling overly into him. At the time though, I had a couple of friends that I let get into my head, so i ended up asking a few questions that i could see him taking as me being more into the 'relationship' than I was. On the flip side of that, he asked me to get an STD test done because he wanted to sleep with only me...and that was after the first or second date. But whatever.

    Flash forward to August 2017, we started talking again and decided to go to a concert together. We had fun. I paid for the tickets, he paid for everything else, dinner, drinks, etc. The next day, he offers to set me up with his friend. I respectfully decline and we didn't talk after that.

    In February 2018, I reached out to him for a rendezvous. We meet up and he thanks me a bunch of times for reaching out to him. We have been meeting up ever since (it's now September). At first, we just did the deed and that was about it. We are both single parents, so sometimes we have to meet at a hotel, which he always pays for. I have offered to pay and he won't let me. We text between occasionally about work, kids, life. So, he has started calling me pet names, like baby or darlin and he wants to chat about life before we get to the deed. But I noticed when we started meeting up earlier this year that he is only kissing me on the cheek. I asked him about it and he said he has never been much of a kisser. Which when we first met, we would kiss hello and goodbye, but not much during sex.

    We were both cheated on in our last relationships, so I feel like we both have walls up. I'm just wondering if there is a chance this could turn into a real relationship or am I crazy? I've started developing feelings for him. If there is not a chance, then I need to work on turning off those feelings and just enjoy the sex. If there might be a chance, then I'll just let things play out. It's just one of those relationships that seems like it could go somewhere, but at the same time not. I kinda want to ask him if we can grab a drink before the next meeting and see if we can develop the friendship more.

    Anyone have any advice?

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    I'm not sensing any interest from him. You've been seeing each other for 1.5 yrs. Don't you think something more meaningful would have developed by now if he was interested in you?