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Communication and texting after an amazing date

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  • Communication and texting after an amazing date

    Affer msging for a week on a dating website I finally got her number. She would rarely respond always saying that she is busy and that she doesn't text much or have her phone out. Finally we found a day where we could meet for coffee. She is Asian (damn idk what country shes from) and im originally from Poland. I got to starbucks first and sat close to the entrance expecting this little shy girl to come in and suddenly this beautiful girl walks in with high heels and a nice summer dress, smile on her face, confident from the start...really professional. We get coffee and sit down to talk. She started asking me a lot of questions and right away i stopped her to tell her that if i was to be really honest about my past the date will end shortly after. She said "believe me im really open minded and i dont judge". Heh i said ok w.e ill take this as a social experiment. So i started talking about my past, how i got to the US with my mom and brother (father bailed early) with 200$ but our poor grandma was here and helped as much as she could....u know basically one of those "poor immigrant story coming here with nothing". She was a great listener and continued to ask me about my past. I told her that i had a very good job, fell into a deadly heroin addiction, happy to be alive, 7 years clean and how i managed to get a good career etc. I talked to her how i miss the human connection, just holding someone in my hands, cuddling and talking. I told her about my ex and how we broke up 4 months ago (crazy story which i also talked about but too long for this post). At this point i didnt care how it turns out even tho she was amazing but i didnt find out much about her aside from that she works managing investments and that she lives with a roomate. That all i know abt her. Anyways we decide to get some food that close so Portillo's it is...hell yea heh. We talked more and at one point she subtly said if i want to go back to my place and just relax. Yea...u can see where this is going. When we got to my place i noticed she is self conscious about her height since she jumped on the bed when i wasnt looking. Im 6"1 and shes about 5"2. I turned on Netflix, gave her the remote while i went to change from the uncomfortable pants and shirt into everyday clothes. Went back to her and shes under the sheets so i casually lay next to her. When i put my hand around her..she let out a moan as if she wasnt touched by a man in a long time. So i ask her when was the last time she was intimate 5 months ago she says...i downplay it to 4 months. We fooled around and she was really "expressive" moaning softly after each touch or kiss. I went down on her and she returned the favor. The thing is...during fooling around she really wanted to have sex but at the same time she didnt cuz she didnt want to be...judged and come off as easy. Remember how i said that she never texted much. During the 7 hours i spent with her she never took out her phone and gave me her complete attention. After she left i told her to text me when she gets home and to call me cuz i needed to say something and ask her when i could see her again. She send me a text "im home, gots lots of work to do and cook dinner" and calls me for 2 mins saying that weekend dont really work for her and asked me abt my next day off which would be friday (today) and said ok we ll meet then bye! That was a week ago...i sent her a text from time to time but got short replies and a long one saying that shes really busy and doesnt text much and that i should chill out. Yesterday i asked her is she is still up to hang out and she said yes but later cuz she has a meeting at 3:30pm. I never met a girl who never texts after such a date but is very direct with 1 short text a day. Im so excited to see her again but i cant gauge her. Texted her goodmorning and 2 more texts abt sucks expecting to have an amazing time but feeling like it wont happen based on the communication. Wow...while typing this i get a text :,"ill call u ar 2:30" damn what a coincidence.....What im trying to ask everyone; has anyone been in a situation where the girl / guy is ALWAYS busy and seems like they cant spend 1min to text back especiially after texting something meaningful. Or shed reply 10h later. What does she want? Well she did text me 5 mind ago that she will call about us meeting today but i have a weird feeling that she will cancel. Damn sry about this long post...i never been in such a sh*tty communication situation. I might as well post this since i spent so much time on it heh.

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    lol she told you to chill out?

    She jumped in the sack with you on the first date, man. What do you expect? You're a boy toy, nothing else. She's dating around and enjoying her freedom. You know nothing about her and she knows everything about you. She says she's non-judgmental but she's typed you and she's pegged you as nothing more than a f-buddy.

    You: I think you're still messed up from your last relationship. Keep your old addictions to yourself. No one cares to hear about that shit on a first date. Also don't sleep with a girl on the first date. She won't respect you.

    Conclusion: you blew it. The more you approach her or initiate anything the needier you look and the more you look like you need to "chill out". Start over with a different chick and don't underestimate women in general.


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      Rose Mosse yea...u r! She just left....i wanted to chill and watch a movie but she quickly...god dammit. We f*cked for 3 kidding. It took me a very long time to finish...which she ended in best possible way by....leaving nothing to clean if u know what i mean. After that she jumped to take shower and bolted the fu*ck otta here in less then 5 mins saying. "We ll talk bye!" I was speechless...didnt say shit still sitting on the bed naked. Wow and she said she deleted okc cuz guys treat it like Tinder....then wtf is she doing if not making appointments to fu*k and leave. Well i cant complain...why would i? But im done with her....if my will power is strong enough to say no to her next time. Yea ill say im "too busy" "got projects to finish". First time ever i m considered a "f*ck biy" but considering how long she had to blow me and that she drove to me...meh i havent f***ed for 2 months so this was healthy. Lmao i never imagined this. Would u refuse head from a beautiful asian girl without u having to put any effort into it?